PS3 and videos from SD Cards

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So, as the title says, PS3 and videos off of SD Cards... how do you get this to work? Well, actually, let me explain my situation...


Okay, I've got this 1.82 gig MPEG that I just recently put onto my 2 gig SanDick SD card. So, I wanted to see if I could play it on the PS3, and if I'm correct, you should be able to play it right off of the PS3. So I put the card in, went to videos, and I saw the icon for the SD Card. But, all it said was "no files". Well, f***. It should work, since I played it fine right on my computer. So, what's the problem? Can the PS3 not read MPEG? Or, am I just stupid? 

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You need to press the Triangle button (or is it Square?) to access the root of the device. The PS3 is designed to use the same directory structure as the PSP so unless you create the proper folders and place the files appropriately the PS3 will always say there are no files.

Just select the device and press Triangle and a menu should appear on the far right allowing you to browse the directory structure and get to your video.