PS2 B/C on 40 gig PS3

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#1 Posted by BibiMaghoo (4019 posts) -

Do any PS2 games work on the 40 gig model or do none?

I was hoping the metal gear games may work incase anyone knows, I dont want to spend the dollar if it doesnt.

And please, no posts about buying a PS2 for 10 dollars. I know this, I dont want this unless I have no choice.

So do any PS2 games work on a 40 gig PS3?

#2 Posted by darkspineslayer (19453 posts) -
It will play the first one, a quick google search told me that it won't play PS2 games
#3 Posted by jt4mtb (2352 posts) -
40GB model? Not at all. It's got no support for PS2 games.
#4 Posted by BibiMaghoo (4019 posts) -
damn, thanks anyway. Internet search seems to say no it wont and some games it will. its annoyingly unclear.
#5 Posted by MAILER_DAEMON (45906 posts) -
You could also go to the PlayStation website to get your answer on this, but yeah, no 40GB model has PS2 backwards compatibility.