Ps vita Skype calls

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#1 Posted by optiplex7 (738 posts) -

Is there is a way to add multiple contacts to a single convo? It seems my friends can only do it from there computers. If i have 3 buds to add and we all have vitas how can we all get in the same convo.

#2 Posted by V3rciS (2215 posts) -

i'm not sure it's possible

#3 Posted by Granpire (2749 posts) -
I don't think it's possible on the Vita. It might be possible for another caller on PC to add contacts, though. You could try that?
#4 Posted by optiplex7 (738 posts) -

It works if at least one person is on a computer but not if we all are on portable devices.

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That's good to know.