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I recently decided to purchase a PS Vita and would like some feedback on whether or not to buy the existing Vita or wait for the new model.

The advantages I see with the new Vita model are the internal memory and the new non proprietary cable.

The older Vita has the OLED display and is a sturdier build.

Anybody have any input on which one I should get?

Leaning towards the newer one right now.

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I'd suggest the older one mainly for the better screen (at least from what I've seen of the new one online the original screen is better). The internal storage of the new one is nice but isn't a lot, though it can be good for system updates and other non-game related data. However, the bundle for the new Vita with Borderlands 2 is really nice and as you said you are more interested in the newer one, in which case I'd say wait for it to come out with the bundle.

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I think I will also get a PS Vita. It's because of PS+ games. I started making a collection this month.

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Yea I have a ton of PS vita games that I've purchased for 0 dollars with no home to put them in .

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I bought mine about a month ago. I could of waited for the new slim but I chose to buy the older version.

I heard the OLED is superior. I don't regret it at all. But im sure the vita slim is nice as well.

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I have the original Vita, needs games... buying Deception Blood Ties for it. Honestly there's not going to be enough difference to matter to sane people. It will play games, so buy one and play games on it. I've got a lot more PS classics on my memory card than modern games. Soul Sacrifice is great, MGS collection, Persona games.

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@marcheegsr: Outside, especially under the sun OLED makes a difference.

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The new model has better start/select and face buttons and an hour longer battery life. I'd go for that.

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The minor difference in the screens is not enough to outweigh the extra battery life... What will you need more in a handheld MOBILE device? More vibrant colors or your battery not dying? Also I have read a lot about the OLED getting burn-in and the notorious uneven LED backlighting.

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@RicanV said:

Yea I have a ton of PS vita games that I've purchased for 0 dollars with no home to put them in .

*nods* Me as well. All you have to do is put free games for the IGC of Plus on your download list and they stay there, even after they are out of the rotation. One of these days. One of these days...