PS Vita loading times????

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Is there any reasons why they are so long? It can sometimes kill the hand held experience for me. A 3ds will load very quickly whereas a Vita will not. Do you think this is something that can/will be improved when ppl get the hang of developing for it?

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The only good information I was able to find on the subject was this Eurogamer article. Even there, they don't give specific insight into the process of load times, but only the speed of memory cards.

It does seem that Sony isn't giving us very good memory cards for our cash, especially considering the cost, and Sony's comments on the subject.

As for physical-release Vita cards, you need to consider that the required data to load on Vita games will always be considerably higher than any 3DS game. There are simply higher-resolution textures and higher-poly models to load.

Still, it seems that the read speeds of both Vita game cards (physical) and memory cards (digital) are disappointingly low.

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Reminds me of when I'm playing LBPV waiting to load a level :P It takes way too long sometimes
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Yeah, LBP seems to take a very long time sometimes, especially when playing online or playing community levels. Sometimes, it helps to cancel loading and start it again. I'm sure patches will iron out some of the bugs, though.