PS Store, UK & US acounts question

#1 Posted by Tom7792 (7 posts) -

Hey guys, I ned some help, I bought my PS4 like 30mins ago.

Now, I found out that the PS 4 Store is MUCH cheaper if you are from the US,

I also heard that theres something with DLC limit to the games you buy and in a way it relates to wether you have US Plus or UK Plus, can anyone explain me how everything works and how can I deal with it ? I have a US CC by the way, thank you.

#2 Posted by nintendoboy64 (2 posts) -

Cheaper yes, much cheaper no.

If you buy a US copy of a game, you must buy the DLC from the US store.

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and does PS Plus has anythign to do with it ? or i just need US PS Plus if i have a US user ? can I play on Plus if I have EU user ? how does it work in that manner ?