PS EYE on PC ( Comfirmed) Driver

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Hey Guys

If your like me and uses Both the PS3 and PC, you may of tryed to see if your PS EYE works on the PC as a webcam

Unfortunately it wont work straight off, But some genius has been busy recoding the drivers that came with the EYE TOY

With a bit of reverse engineering. THE PS3 EYE WORKS ON PC, on such applications as SKYPE and MSN.

Ive tryed and tested it :D (and for the safety conscious people....I scaned wthe file with Sybot search and Destory)

It works brilliantly, 30 fps and brilliant quality

Hope this helps alot of people out :-)

Read and download here (Read the instructions!)

(Original Link)

(Edit) Sorry if this is old News, I just had no idea

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thanks but old already been using my ps eye as a cam for about 2 months now
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cool. maybe i'll get one now
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I got a PS EYE this week but I could less about using it on my PC. Can you take pictures with it and it and save the picture files to the computer?
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Cool. I have been waiting for something like this
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i didnt know about it,,

i was really waiting for this ,, thanx alooooooooooooooot dude