Problem with Vita and PS4 connection

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Whenever I connect my Vita to my Ps4 the Vita gets very laggy. It lasts for about 2 minutes then it disconnects. And I am about 6 feet from it, in the same room. Anyone else have issues?

I have my PS4 setup wireless and the router is about 40 feet from it. I never have a problem with online with the PS4. I'm just wondering if the PS connects directly to the Vita or if it goes from the PS4 to the router then to the Vita. If thats the case I may have to move my router

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they connect via the network, do you experience problems when you are near your router / access point with your vita???

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@MondasM: It does work fine when I am close to my router. I was looking online and there is a way to connect the Vita directly to the PS4. It sounds like it will bypass the router. I'm gonna try that in a little bit and let you know how it goes.

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if it is an ad-hoc connection, you'd have to be close to your ps4 and i do not know if it is doable...