Plz, Need help with Infamous first Sec. Agent mish

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#1 Posted by k41m (723 posts) -

It's the first Secret Agent mission in the game and it wont let me do it because it keeps telling me "Clear the area of enemies before starting mission" but there is no enemies on the rooftop or the street below. I don't get it!

I tried posting this on the game's forum but nobody answered

#2 Posted by Skyz_ (56 posts) -

I've had this a few times, I usually just leave the area for a bit and come back and it's fine.

#3 Posted by MondasM (1222 posts) -

get rid of every enemy within the radar and it should work...

#4 Posted by dalger21 (1042 posts) -

Yea, just leave the area then go back to it.