PLEASE HELP!!! PS3 will not update games!

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Hello all!!!

Ok, so my PS3 is having some annoying problems and I was wondering if anyone knows what is wrong or how to fix the issue. The system will connect to the internet sign me in and store and system updates work fine. However, I have a hell of a time updating games...they get to maybe 5% and then i get an error!! Ive tried rebooting the router etc etc and it wont work! The system will frequently sign me out as well. This dosent happen with my 360 or my laptop, so im wondering what the hell is wrong! please help!

P.S. the system is connected WIRED through a wireless router. (as with everything else, that works fine)

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Maybe its something in the system settings?

Id look for you but apparently I have an update so thats uploading at the moment.

Updates take forever, its one of the few things of my PS3 I hate.

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Thanks man, I updated today....too bad it wont let me update games tho!

Im going to look through it now, let me know what you find

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Can you still play the games?

If you cant find anything in settings, then you should probably call Sony and see if they can help you.

I dont know if this is possible, but try to wipe your harddrive so you can download the updates again. Maybe that will work.

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I can play games no problem, just not online because it wont let me update them. I just ran a Network test and everything is fine except UpnP is not available. I dont even know what that is lol

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I dont know anything about computers, haha. If it works, I use it.

See if you can erase your harddrive. Yeah, you'll loose gamesaves but youll have a reason to go play older games.

If that doesnt work then I guess call Sony. Sorry about your luck bro.

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Thanks for your help

Id rather not wipe my HD :( thats going to be the last option! haha take it easy man

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Lol, I dont blame you for not wanting to wipe your HD.

When I couldnt get my 360 updates I just cleared the Cache. I dont know if there is a way to do something similiar with the PS3 but all it did to my 360 was delete all the updates I had. I was able to keep my game saves.

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the same thing happened to me ,and my connection method is same as urs ,but i remember how i fixed its easy

u should reset ur router and and ur Internet connection with the ps3 .start all over again and it will work fine .

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im having the same problem but ive done what yall said and nothing. i also just upgraded the hard drive and wasnt able to transfer the game saves and what not all i want is uncharted trophies