PlayStation Users ID exchange Thread

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gamespot user: silverborg13

PSN ID: bitsoul91

Has GTA V and tons of other games :D not a lot though.

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this OP should be updated, we got lots of new additions now

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I bet you guys wont believe this but I was given a PSN code and it got accepted! Got mine from

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Psn: thecman_25
add me if you want i play lots of games

Gamespot username: thecman25

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got enough people on my ps3, but add me for ps4 stuff. I got Ghosts, but that's about it.

ID: SenorBoogie_

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GS: cejay0813

PSN: MrSndmn777

Add me! I'll be playing all Sony exclusive multiplayer games and Destiny on the PS4. I currently play KZ, WD, and TR

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PSN: Souffe89

I have a ps3, ps4 and vita, right now I'm more active on the ps4, mostly play watch dogs, killzone, battlefield 4 and fifa. Currently on the destiny beta.

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Sup all,

Im new to the Playstation family and i need friends to play with.

Ill mostly be playing Destiny, NHL 15, NBA 2K15, COD, TLOU these next few months.


Thanks yall

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@wearegroot: Welcome, feel free to add me. PSN: Lt_Sokol

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Hey guys!

Please add me, I'm up to any games.
My PSN name is: Myst-eRy !!

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PSN Name: DaemonesCeramici

Add me for Watch Dogs, BF4, Call of Duty Ghost and Destiny.

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Gamespot :SonyPony4Eva

PSN ID: Vodka_and_weed

I have KZ Shadowfall, MLB 14 the Show, TLOU RM, and Tomb Raider DE, but i'm always on MLB and Killzone.

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Name's KurodaMura.

I don't game much online, but I'm always down to share my now playing status :P

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GS: gcfreak898 PSN: BigPep2-43 Playing: The last of us, BF4, COD, NBA 2k14 if you add me please have a mic I hate playing without communication and teamwork.

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ID: F-L-A-M-Es

I'm in Canada, although I'm originally from Brazil.

I play mostly FPS

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Gamespot - EtherealMachine

PSN - EtherealMachine

I play all sorts of games on my PS3 and PS4, once Destiny arrives it will most likely be the only game I'll play for a while.

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Psn Id : MacGraw676

Feel free 2 add me

I play fifa , Cod Ghosts

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TreyTable: TreyTable

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Sup guys, just got my ps4! add me: petey-piranhax

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Gamespot-user : _Judas_

PSN : He_is_legend85

Playing : Fifa, probably Destiny in september, The Last of Us MP, probably GTA 5 Online.

Feel free to add me :)

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PSN- berto64X

im accepting any invites right now, not playing anything since i finished most games on my PS3 collection but i should be getting a PS4 soon .

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chrnod:chrnod that would be awesome to have some more people to play games :)

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gamespot: weazelman311

PSN: spdonalds311

I'm playin Killzone and Madden 15 online for PS4. I'll probably also be getting Destiny. Go ahead and add me if you want.

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cannedstingray on PSN XBL and Steam, also Origin, just looking to add to my friends lists, not a huge mp online gamer

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Looking for some friends to play Destiny with plus all the other great games coming out!!!

Gamespot: smithronnie

PSN ID: Badjack05

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My PSN is WolvenShadows. I'll be looking for friends to play destiny with :)

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GS: EasyComeEasyGo. PSN: Playmaker45.

For those of you who are getting Destiny and wants to party up for the Raid and stuff like that, feel free to add me and I'll do my best to help out whenever I can.

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PSN: SurgeonRoyale

I'm picking up Destiny on Tuesday. Also have Diablo 3 and The Last of Us should be coming in pretty soon. If you add me can you please let me know where you saw my PSN name posted. Thank You.

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PSN ID: BranKetra

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Hi all, my name is Chris. I just picked up my PS4 last week so not had it very long. The games I have at the moment are: AC: Black Flag, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Destiny (which I got today). I will be getting FIFA 15 when it comes out so if you want to add me then please do and I'll more than happily come have a gaming sesh with you.

Here is my PSN and GameSpot username's:

PSN: Chriswood37

Gamespot: Chriswood37

- if you could send us a quick message when you do add me saying that you got my PSN from Gamespot then I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks and I look forward to gaming/speaking with you soon :)

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Been playing Desting on PS4. I have many other games and PS3. Add me if you want. millerlight_89

No it's not based on the beer lol. I'm 25 if that matters.

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PSN ID:alexnamikaze I recently bought a PS4 so I am looking for friends to play with me feel free to add me!!!!!!

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@megaspiderweb09: GS: KingJean81 PSN:Kingjean81

feel free to add me up especially if you play Destiny! :) no kids tho. & i do have a mic.

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GS:KingJean81 PSN: KingJean81

both names are the same for both accounts..Feel free to add me especially if you play destiny! :) prefer 18 + to add as friends..thanks.

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@megaspiderweb09: rvthesecond gamespot id rvthesecond psn id

play fifa nfs cod battlefield

please mention gamespot thnx

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GS krisnamaste


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Going fast with buying PS4 titles :)

tomreinhoudt - tom_reinhoudt

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mines w00tabulous for Ps4

in a sad moment here, I need some people to do a level 26 strike in Destiny with me so i can finish this damn exotic bounty.

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New to PSN, add me on AgreedDaisy3. Playing Need for Speed Rivals and Diablo 3 on my PS4.

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Feel free to add me; N1ght_W4lk3r

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Add me. Game list is short. Destiny & NBA2K15 but it's my first day

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Gamespot: Gusto_

PSN: EI_Gusto ('l' is capital 'i')

Glued to Destiny at moment.

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COD, FIFA, GTA5, Pro Evo

Ratta tat tat 3 dogs an a cat

Aussie looking to hook up, even Kiwis welcome.

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Both are R-i-c-h-a-r-d


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I'm new here. I only have a PS3 and no, I do not have Destiny. I've got a few co-op games. I want some help specially for Dead Nation! Add msg saying "Gamespot" or something so I know. I do not add randoms so please do msg first! Thank you so much!

GS: WonderCakes

PSN: AngryTomatoes

P.S. Does anyone even read these anymore? I feel so late to the party! <\3

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