PlayStation Users ID exchange Thread

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My id is TheLastNewBorn

Gamespot id is sjoerdtoppi

You can add me if you want (15+)

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All may add me but prefer dutch folks :)

Add me if you play FF XIV //DC Universe Online/Blacklight/Black Flag/Dead nation. (PS4 ofc)

PSN : Drakefromhell

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Add me!

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Fill free to add me open to making new friends

PSN: Emissaryofwolves

Looking forward in gaming with ya :)

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Gamespot user name: littlestreakier

PSN gamer tag: LStreak

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Kohouri's the name

PSN ID is Koouri.

I own a vita. Borderlands 2, Conception 2, and Destiny of Spirits are the main games I play at the moment

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gs - bigfdunf psn - dabigfdunf

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GS- shellygirl61

PSN- Shelster

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gamespot id: barsaf

psn: c0mandnte

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Gamespot ID: Crusher88
PSN: CmF_Krupt

I have a PS3/PS4, I'm not really using my PS3 though. I play all the PS+ games, Killzone, Assassins, and Trials. Have a message attached saying "Gamespot" or something, thanks!

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xanadu0324: B14z3aB1Un7_420 (don't judge me, b/f created it!)

Looking for people to play Watchdogs with, plz.

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Hi Guys,

Please Add me on PSN, Facebook, Twitch etc... AJ_Cyberpunk. They all new accounts so im looking for lots of people to join.

I mostly play on PS4. Currently only Fifa 14 and just started Warframe.

Will be playing Last Of Us remastered Single/Multiplayer to death when that comes out!!

Looking to add people who play for fun and have a laugh online.

Im playing from Wales UK

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Yama: YamaMX

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BL4CK_6HOST: BL4CK_6HOST..... that is the letter "o"

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larry8471: larster22097, i play a lot of last of us and uc3

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GS Username: Iamtrent424

PSN: Iamtrent

2nd PSN count: KIllDarko_ (I plan to use this account to play PS4 games and online games)

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PSN ID: Exeplosion

add me I need friends :)

I got BF4 too

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Im new to Playstation world and gaming :D

Just bought me a PS4 and BF4

Totally confused though :(

Fearbuxdieb...PSN ID: Fearbux-Dieb

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PS4 - BF4, MADDEN25, NBA2K14

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Got NBA, Ghosts and BF4.

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Gamespot ID: darrennewman91

PSN ID: xYourSweet666x

Everyone feel free to add me

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PSN = DreadMcLaren

Games = MLB 14, NFS, NBA 2k14 and the new battlefield beta

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GS: WolfgarTheQuiet

PSN: serb

PS4: Fifa, DriveClub

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Hook me up bros!

GT: PinBawL

Right now i only have BF4 thats gonna be my online game.

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GS: guitarpete462 PSN: guitarpete987

I have PS4, PS3, and Vita. (And also a PS2 and a PS1, but my PSN ID won't do you much good there!)

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M-O-O-N-P-I-G: M-O-O-N-P-I-G

Live in the UK add me if you like. Play BF4 and Destiny Alpha

18+ please

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PSN: RobertJCross

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Playstation 3

PSN: Big-O-Dominus

Games I usually play....GTA5 and Watch Dogs.

Feel free to add me and message me!

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My PSN ID is RobbieDaCool

I don't play as much as I used too, or would like too,but anyone feel free to add me.

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PSN : PhoenixKing93

Feel free to add me, i'm open to game with new players.

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gs :Marlobc

psn : cod4_blink182

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Feel free to add, currently playing Battlefield 4 and upcoming Destiny. Open to friends requests regardless of the games played. :)

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gs: Cielge

PSN: Cielge

New Playstation user here, but I am open to making new friends.

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GameSpot: FuZionHiT PSN: FuZionHiT

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good idea but how it works

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PSN ID is lacmicmcd

I'm trying to get together a sick group of chicks for upcoming Destiny. ;)

But everyone, please feel free to add me.

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Hi everyone I've just registered here. Feel free to add me whoever you are.

GS: robbiedeakin

PSN: deakinside

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Just registered here trying to find some friends to play with. Solo play gets old after a while.. sigh

GS: laujonat

PSN: sql33t_jlau

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The OP probably needs some updating here aswell

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GS: atilio28

PSN: atilio28

fell free to add me so we can play :D

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Hey Guys,

My PSN is theDownster

feel free to add me!

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Hi All,

my PSN ID is dozzaday

I play mainly war games but not COD at the moment cos its shit. AC4, FIFA and some Indy games. I prefer online play with and against people I can talk with .... feel free to add me if you wish.

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GameSpot: Behardy24

PSN: Behardy24

I'm hoping I can play some Uncharted 2 mutiplayer/Co-op with some of you folks, so feel free to add me.

No Microphone at this time.

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zoub91: mogolpro

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My PSN ID is: JimmyP_89

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Hey guys sign me up please. Mostly playing Resogun right now but am up for anything in the future.

puddinghead101: puddinghead101