PlayStation Users ID exchange Thread

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@gamerguy1415: Added

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bezza2011: sberry87

I'm only playing Knack and fifa at the moment but will have

AC4, KZ:SF, NBA 2K14 at christmas i couldn't be to greedy this close to christmas i have kids lol

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GS: MarcShirleyNB

PSN: MShirley

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@megaspiderweb09: :D awesome!! do you have cod ghosts?

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@gamerguy1415: Noo, but i got Resogun, BF4 and FIFA14

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I have COD, Killzone, FIFA, NBA 2K14, Battlefield, Need for Speed, and Assassins Creed.

I know that COD multiplayer is important because you can play against other people's squads even if they're not online so I'll try to make a squad that people can play against by the end of this week. As far as anything else hit me up.

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@megaspiderweb09: Swweeet. How is BF4? I'm not sure what to do there because in the last gen i was all about xbox 360, and now i have ps4 and Xbox One.... so im like "hmm, which console do i get BF4 on?

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@gamerguy1415: It depends on where your concentration of friends are really, while people hammer the resolution gate, it is frankly unimportant in a game like BF4 where community triumps visuals. I am looking to gather as much Gamespotters who play and schedule time where we can all buddy up and kick ass but at the moment i am working like a donkey on activitities beyond the gaming spectrum

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You can add me as well, PSN: mordant320

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Tubatica, PSN: Flukbuk

I own Assassin's Creed, COD, and BF4. Currently playing Assassin's Creed. Still playing some PS3 as well.

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Nonsoville2: J45P3R_90s

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Gamespot username- Jr14

PSN ID- Dark_Shadow_812

I play a lot of CoD: Ghosts and some Battlefield 4.

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Game1st_2004/ psn: willmo1122

Playing nba2k14 and bf4 feel free to add me

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PSN ID: kariyanine

I have Killzone currently.

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Both usernames- supernova8463

I'm playing cod:ghosts, bf4, resogun, and hopefully KZ:SF soon

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PSN: thajewbear. I have assassin's creed and killzone. Looking for some friends who want to play in killzone parties.

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Added numbering to make it much easier to reference individual position on the list. Will update player preferences later when i am less busy

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PSN: PurpleTheHaze

Playing BF4, Killzone, Fifa, and COD...looking for the older crowd!

Please add!

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@purplethehaze: Why so specific on age range?

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Username: whiteknight19

Psn: splunkymunkey

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PSN: Warped13

Now playing BF4 KZ:SF and soon NFS: rivals

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GS: racethesun PSN: StellaR4758

Feel free to add me.

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SteamyPotatoes : Destructy

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Now that i am getting a bit free from crazy work, i was wondering if anyone is interested in joining a party of Battlefield 4 players, strictly Gamespot users

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@megaspiderweb09 said:

Now that i am getting a bit free from crazy work, i was wondering if anyone is interested in joining a party of Battlefield 4 players, strictly Gamespot users

I'd be up for it

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@Jaysonguy: Nice, now the challenge is to get the message accross everyone on the list

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@megaspiderweb09 said:

@Jaysonguy: Nice, now the challenge is to get the message accross everyone on the list

I would do a thread in this forum asking for everyone who signed up in here to respond. I'm sure not everyone on the list checks this as often as I do.

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@Jaysonguy: That would be great, atleast if we can get the regulars in, that should be enough

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count me in

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GS: CBCstillmatic

PSN: aKa_DaShiznit

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NoirLamia777 - NoirLamia777

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GS : Jags218

PSN : ArSyN_28

Going to be playing mostly NBA 2K14 and BF4 for right now!

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Jackmouve:Jackmouve I have all of the games, but looking for PF/C for a NBA 2K14 Team Up league team (Lakers) and WR/DB for Madden 3v3 Team Play League. Let me know if you want to tryout for one of my teams.

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@Jackmouve said:

Let me know if you want to tryout for one of my teams.

Isn't that overdoing it a little?

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I haven't bought a PS4 yet!

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GS I'd Dogfather76 and my PSN is Dogfather76

Add me and let's play!

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I bet you guys wont believe this but I got this PSN card code and surprisingly it worked! Giveaway is going on here

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Thank you for posting the users ID :)

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GS: Jasean79: PSN: Six_String_Guru

Relatively new to the gamespot boards, but looking to build my PSN friends list. Currently playing AC 4, Killzone.

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Gamespot: AtomIron PSN: Brendan99050

Looking for a few people to play on COD: Ghosts as well as some Battlefield 4 buds.

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Psn name: Theaprilramos

Add me i play COD ghosts and BF4 :)

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aliwuncler: AliWunclerTheIII

currently playing KZ only

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Anyone up for a BF4 domination Match on Sunday?

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gamespot username - killev

psn - killev12

Need some friends to play bf4 and cod ghosts!!!

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My PSN ID is WaleedAkbar and I do have a PS3 but I don't have a PS4 I might buy it.

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PSN ID: skate_mental

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PSN id is Undue_influence.

Currently only playing 2K14, as other games (BF4, Forza and Fifa 14) are on Xbone and since i bought that first, have not seen the need for a live subscription and PS+ account yet.

Feel free to add me as I will be getting more into the PS space.

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add me up lawrencehud

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I only have Resogun at the moment.

PSN ID: ferrabymouse

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GS: digitm64

PSN ID: DigiTM73

Playing AC4, NBA2K14, and BF4.