Playstation Plus - Use Over Two/Multiple Consoles?

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Hey all, so I have two PS3s. One is downstairs and the other is in my main entertainment area. I have a 12 month PS+ card and want to activate it but I was wondering if it would be possible to have the benefits spread across both of my consoles. I know that if you have a friend log into their account on your PS3 you can get whatever games/downloads they own so would I be able to have PS+ on the other console if I activated my account on the other? I figure you cant be logged into the same account at the same time but the games and downloads would be available to all users on the console right? This true or what?

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I'm pretty sure if you log onto your account you can get the games put onto that console but i'd make sure you put it on your main console of use just incase

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Alright. i guess Ill just have to see.
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I have a similar set up. Yes, PS Plus will work across your two PS3's if logging onto the relevant profile.

As you mention, you can't be signed in on the same profile on both systems at the same time, but you can, for example, be signed in upstairs and still be playing a PS Plus 'free' game downstairs. When downloading Plus games you'll need to do so separately, obviously, but other than that it's all good, PS Plus can easily be used across two systems.

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2 ps3 and 1 vita