Playstation Now : Between promises and overpriced games

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I was one of the few lucky gamers who got the beta access code for Sony's new service PlayStation Now, and as most of them I was so exited to try it and give my feedback as I was requested from Sony. The design of the service is so similar to the PlayStation store and that's a good thing so you'd be more comfortable and you'd recognize everything easily, But what shocked me so much is the overpricing games!!! and most gamers were too. If you look to the rental price for the games, you will find that you can get the game on disc for less price than what's offered by Sony for rental. I know most of you will say it's a beta version and the prices will change but how would you overcharge me in a beta version then change it??!! And even if you tried to encourage your self to try one of the games, the titles are not so encouraging. At least what I think is providing a different free game for each beta version so the players can try it and give you a feedback that will help you improving your service. And why it's a rental system? I think most players would prefer a system like the PlayStation Plus even if it's more expensive.

what do you think? let me know...

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I will never go back to old games unless I find it in a bargain bend (physical copy) or its a add on to Psn for $20 extra a yr at the most. At least with Psn it's a strong server without worrying about lag with gameplay.

We should have had backwards capabilities instead of being nickeled and dimed. You also have to have a reliable internet so their is no lag. I have no interest in PlayStation now.

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I thought it was going to be great when it first was announced. But it's looking like a rip off.

I have my ps3 still so I don't really need ps now anyways.

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I'm confused about PS Now. Are rentals only 1 aspect of it? I thought the main portion of it was being able to stream a certain selection of games for a monthly fee. But yes, the rentals look much less enticing if the prices are going to be anywhere near what they are in the Beta. It's a shame because I was actually more interested in the rentals anyway. I wouldn't pay another monthly fee on top of PS+ because I already get my money's worth out of that.

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you are right ewalthour they must encourage us players to enroll in their services

and like you said your internet must be pretty good so you get no lag and HD quality,

and backwards capabilities huh :) just forget it, I think one of the main goals of PS Now is to remove that concept forever, and thats bad,

you got streaming now :)

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it's kind of a rip off like you said :( marcheegsr

the whole world was exited, I just hope they listen to the feed back

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There's no way to know what the final product will be like, but right now if the Beta is any indication PS Now is going to suck. It's a great idea, but it's ruined by old, over-priced games. Hopefully Sony will listen to the Beta tester feedback.

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@yosam11: I know the market these days are directed at scheming gamers into paying for any and everything like ps now, music unlimited instead of mp3 which we better get, season passes and this digital preorders crap.

I will always do what is best for my pocket and not get sucked into all these services. I'm glad I am not a retro person that like to go back and play old games. I prefer old games rebooted and updated to gameplay this century but ultimately I want new IP's with great fresh stories, great ps4 revolutionary graphics and gameplay. I got my fill of ps3 and I am moving on up like the Jefferson show.

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@SoNin360 : yeah its just rental games, I would prefer personally a monthly or annual fee.

@coasterguy65 : you'r right its not a final product but its a disappointing start :(

@ewalthour : you know, to be fair there are some good services.

whats not good to me might be good for you and Vice Versa, but in general there is like you said some sort of scheme going on,

and I think what makes developers compromise about the graphic is that PS3 still around so they need to make it work for both, you wanna see what I mean play The Last of Us Remastered and assassin's creed unity when they come out and you will see a great graphics because its just on ps4 and both companies (naughty dog and ubisoft) said they will take advantage of all PS4 power, you know The Last of Us will run on 60fps :)

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@yosam11: I tried the music unlimited trial and it was nice but I dont want to pay a monthly fee for it. If I can't get backwards compatible I at least want mp3 which ps3 has. I just think Sony should include this stuff if you have psn with $10 A YEAR for music unlimited and maybe $20 A YEAR extra with Psn for ps now. They will make more money in the long run getting almost everyone buying Psn instead of breaking up services. It's not going to happen so I want get it. I probably wouldn't get it with the yrly fee soi definitely want get per month. I have better things to do with my money like save it up for $60 AAA games. Indie games have their place which should be 20% of the market but it will be much higher % as times goes on. I am sure it's larger than 20% now. I Like a few indie games now but love AAA games. Developers will get their money back with expensive AAA games with season passes etc.