Playstation Network Down (4:01 am est)

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#1 Posted by Thajewbear (24 posts) -

Just giving you all a heads up... I tried signing into PSN to play Killzone Shadow Fall online but was disappointed to see I couldn't. The Playstation store, netflix, and every other online feature didn't work.

Other users have reported the same problem. The official Playstation network page says it is "online" but that's clearly not the case.

#2 Posted by lonewolf604 (8526 posts) -

I can't log in either. I was hoping to play some late night BF4....guess I have to sleep early.

#3 Posted by GTR12 (9672 posts) -

@thajewbear: Its online for me and I'm playing online fine, must just be NA.

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I had an issue the other day where psn wasn't working and all I did was shut down the console (turn it off completely no standby) and restart it. My psn was working again. If psn isn't working still then it must be down for maintenance.