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Really was excited to get my PS4 console :) Wanted to write a short blog to say a bit about what kind of games I play and the type

of games I'm really looking forward to on the AWESOME! PLAYSTATION 4:)

I mainly play rpg's but for the moment I'm playing TRINE 2 : COMPLETE STORY plus knack and killzone shadowfall....

The games that in my opinion look amazing on the playstation 4 are

1. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

2. Dragon Age Inquisition

3. Diablo 3 (PS4 Version )

4. Final Fantasy XV

I'm hoping these games are soon available on the PS4 especially Diablo 3 on the PS4.....

Diablo 3 is especially exciting....I played the demo on ps3 and loved it.... it's been very challenging not to buy on PS3 but I think when I see it on the PS4 once released it will well be worth it :)


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Deep Down

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I am very excited for deep down as well, the way the game is structured from what I saw in the trailer makes me very excited for it...the magic looks looks like a very brutal game though in terms of it being very unforgiving in regards to difficulty level :)

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how could anyone be excited for deep down....? it is a F2P shitfest. all impressions from gaming sites have been overwhelmingly negative so far. the game is going to amount to absolutely nothing.

for now, there is nothing to be excited for. in 6 months though, there will be a few reasons.

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As far as rpgs goes, Mass effect 4 and fallout 4 are my most anticipated. But I know I could be waiting a long time for those.

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@spiritasher: I'll be getting FF XV, Kingdom Hearts 3 7 Diablo 3 on the PS4. Not sure about Witcher 3 or Dragon Age. Might get those 2 on XB1. I have no plans to get Deep Down anytime soon. I'd rather get Demon Souls 2 & Dark Souls 2 on the PS4 instead.

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I guess Diablo 3 will be the first released, the Infamous second son and The Order, that's the ones announced I want the most

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Dying Light

The Order

....and future tittles that are way off, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon

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Uncharted 4, Wolfenstein The New Order, Dark Souls, Dying Light, The Order, Deep Down, MGS 5 and many others.

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Kingdom Hearts 3!!!

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Looking forward to Dragon Age 3 myself.

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The Evil Within, is the one i'm really looking forward to, a true survival horror.

i enjoyed infamous but i did get bored but i'm going to give infamous second son a shot, and i may get into an rpg game if there is any good ones, i never got to play kingdon hearts i may have a look into it.

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So far it's infamous Second Son for me... Is No Man's Sky a next gen only thing? If so then that as well. Otherwise it looks incredibly sparse. That's OK though. No need to rush getting the PS4. 2014 has a lot of titles I look forward to to tide me over.

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Most of the RPGs already mentioned I am looking forward to, but to add to the list, I'm actually really looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online. Yeah, it's a MMO, but it still seems to have the same RPG elements of the main series and since I won't be getting many PS4 games next year, the fee won't be as bad. Now I just have to decide between PS4 and PC.

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uncharted 4, infamous second son, watch dogs and order 1886 will be massive titles for the ps4

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can't wait for all these

The Order: 1886

Uncharted 4

Final Fantasy XV

Kingdom Hearts 3

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero and Phantom Pain

Deep Down

Dragon Age 3

Witcher 3

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MGS5, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Watch Dogs and the Order 1866 are the main titles I'm looking forward to.