PlayStation 4 - Good or Bad?

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Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) 6 months, 9 days ago

Poll: PlayStation 4 - Good or Bad? (92 votes)

Good 85%
Bad 15%

This Poll is to find out the Good and the Bad of the PlayStation 4.

Please leave you comments about what you think is Good or Bad and even what you would like to see added or taken away from the PS4.

#1 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

This Poll is to find out the Good and the Bad of the PlayStation 4.

Please leave you comments about what you think is Good or Bad and even what you would like to see added or taken away from the PS4.

#2 Posted by MondasM (1305 posts) -

you won't get many bad (in fact 0 as of now) votes on ps forums... :)

#3 Posted by marcheegsr (2962 posts) -

The good - Graphics, controller, future exclusives, Bang for your buck. Quiet and looks sweet.

The bad - Same dashboard since launch. They need to change it up. Its not really organized.

#4 Posted by RoniHot (191 posts) -

You need more option choices in your polls.....

Anyway, I think it's good. The graphics for all the games we have are amazing. The only bad thing I can think about is the lack of games so far. They're slowly releasing new titles, but not a lot that appeal to me. I don't care for sports games and it seems like that's a lot of what's out for it right now.

#5 Posted by starwolf474 (783 posts) -

The good is that it has the most powerful hardware, a much improved controller, online service, and OS over last gen, and some potentially great exclusives coming in 2015.

The bad is that at the moment it has the weakest library of all of the consoles. It's only great game until 2015 is a remastered last gen game. Also, even though the controller is a huge, huge, huge improvement over the terrible PS3 controller, it still has problems, namely the poor battery life and the analog stick still being in the wrong position for modern gaming.

A year from now, I'm pretty sure the PS4 will be great, but I can't vote good at this moment in time due to it's lack of great games.

#6 Posted by gcfreak898 (1786 posts) -

Great console! Great Tech support over the phone! Better than my experiences on Microsoft Xbox. I'm not trying to troll but, I have to say this console is da shiznit! I've had mine since 16th of December 2013 best console purchase I've bought. 399.99 gets you console, hdmi cable, controller, free goodies up to 30 dollars, headset, and awesomeness. I would really really recommend this system great buy!

#7 Posted by thegamingjunkie (267 posts) -

Good: Great Graphics, Great Controller, Great diverse exclusives coming up, plus, along with the console, you get a Blu-ray disc player- woo hoo! (Lol even if they had that for the ps3 already) Have been renting Blu-Ray movies ever since.

Poor: Sometimes my dashboard lags for like, 0.1 second. Gets on my nerves. My PS4 has a masters degree of dust collecting.

Overall, great console :)

#8 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

I was think of buying a PS4

#9 Edited by spike6958 (4939 posts) -

It's basically a more powerful PS3 with a lot less games. The system will be worth owning eventually, but as an early adopter I don't find myself using the system all that much because there's very little on it right now.

My opinion is wait till next year, there'll be a lot more games, and the current ones aren't going anywhere.

#10 Posted by danxxx (682 posts) -

Just got mine great console.

#11 Edited by ooole (26 posts) -

This scares the crap out of me.

#12 Posted by Doozie78 (409 posts) -

Good console, slow release of games.

#13 Edited by commonfate (12597 posts) -

Great console, weak library (for now)

#14 Posted by Maddie_Larkin (6684 posts) -

I holds good promise, but atm I would call it bad.

The Good: good potential for good games, a much improved controller. relatively small and relatively low noise.

The Bad: Horrible powerconsumption in standby mode (if you don't want to kill the Electric bill turn the thing off). Few games atm that are not third party, worth playing. PSN not yet having anything but indie games (logical since it is a relatively new launch, this will get fixed).

The Ugly: be it bad coding or a reveal of a slow CPU, I can name atleast 4 games that chugs gets crippled framerates and odd slowdowns. (now tryied on two different systems similar results so not bad unit). I:SS drops in most medium combat scenes, and neon sprint absolutely tanks the fps. This is bad. Resogun sometimes suffer slowdowns that is not a slow mo effect at odd intervalls (often when alot of destruction happens) merc Kings were unplayable for a while). KZ:SF could get minor chugging, but far from as noticable as the other games.

If this is just due to coders learning to code for multithreaded or the cpu is hampering the rest of the system I don't know. But it is NOT a good first impression.

So why Did I state that it was good? well it does hold quite alot of promise if Sony pulls itself together, so it does have good potential, but atm it is rather lackluster which I hope is due to the coding.

#15 Edited by watchdogsrules (474 posts) -

i like PS4 too but your not gonna get any bad votes really in the PLAYSTATION discussion. i made the same mistake too.

#16 Posted by ristactionjakso (5823 posts) -

Good, Resogun, Rogue Legacy, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil, Second Son, Destiny,....point blank the games are and will be good.

The system is cheaper and a bit more powerful than xbone.

#17 Posted by jay_k3 (477 posts) -

PS4 is absolutely awesome. I love the great graphics and gameplay. Another great bonus to the PS4 is the controller. It has a touch pad, speaker for specific sounds from games and also a motion sensor. I think the ps4 is probably the best console I own so far.

#18 Posted by CTR360 (7251 posts) -

awesome console bad no exclusives this year

#19 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Im thinking about getting destiny

#20 Posted by skipper847 (3465 posts) -

Your going to put a topic in PC section next asking PC good or Bad?. :P

#21 Edited by TheFlush (5591 posts) -

I'm spending way more time on a console than ever before now I have a PS4. I'm totally addicted to FFXIV at the moment, that game is a blast!

#22 Posted by The_Last_Ride (73502 posts) -

The only bad thing is the few exclusive at the moment

#23 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -


#24 Edited by MDK12345 (1696 posts) -

I can't see myself getting or wanting an xbox one anytime soon because Sony is less dishonest and has better multi plats

#25 Posted by Ballroompirate (23448 posts) -

I've had mine for about two months, no regrets purchasing it.

#26 Edited by SolidTy (45104 posts) -

PS+ has been good for PS4.

16 free PS+ games released so far which was shocking. I expected less considering how new the machine is.

The only drawback is the PS3 PS+ by comparison is better as they get retail games for PS3, but that's expected as the PS3 has a giant library to choose from.

#27 Edited by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Who doesnt like PS4?

#28 Posted by bezza2011 (2687 posts) -

The Good: Powerful machine for the money, streamlined to perfection for the Tech what's inside, Graphics are great and serves up well for being the most powerful console to date, The UI is fast and easy to use, Just a great companion for any console gamer or PC gamer.

The Bad: UI really needs an organization option or something, my games list is getting to big and I don't like deleting but it needs sorting out, we need to be able to customize the setup, the Ustream and Twitch watching is great but my god the streaming at times can be an awful picture and I believe it needs some updating, Checking out what friends are doing and what there playing is good, but it would be nice if we could post on that so everyone can see, and it becomes more of a social site than just a so n so played destiny 2 times and stuff like that,

I would say games but I've lived through enough console launches to understand it takes time, esp how complex games are getting.

#29 Edited by chocolate1325 (32595 posts) -

Good: Great controller,Amazing Graphics,Your PS Plus Subscription carries over from PS3,Some solid PSN Games

Bad: Lack of games but hopefully that shall change in 2015.

#30 Edited by MDK12345 (1696 posts) -

One person posted on here that PS4 is not better than the other PS consoles, but it's a good addition to the family. I guess that's how I see it. It's neat, but it's not the ultimate thing, it's just something that I have along with my other PS consoles. Fun to play some stuff on. This year, they lowered a lot of PS2 games at Gamestop to like a buck, though not all Gamestops still sell PS2, which usually is in the back. But I stocked up on like 60 new games. When PS3 games start lowering by a lot, you bet I'm gonna start stocking up on some good stuff.

#31 Posted by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Looks like everyone is getting PS4

#32 Posted by space_rest (23 posts) -

pretty good...

#33 Posted by MondasM (1305 posts) -

@mdk12345: "the ultimate thing" is that next thing that you don't own and when you own it, there is a next... :D

#34 Edited by GH05T-666 (298 posts) -

Best game on PS4 right now?

#35 Posted by Fairmonkey (293 posts) -

@undefined: currently: good. After update 2.0 however: best console on market easily

#36 Posted by i-rock-socks (3226 posts) -

is 2 months old enough to complain about rezing old threads?

well regardless, ps4 is bueno

#37 Posted by RodneyCourts (63 posts) -

From my personal experience I would say that PlayStation 4 is good to play.

#38 Posted by Missyel (15 posts) -

For me (I play everyday) it's really good. Great graphics.

#39 Posted by chocolate1325 (32595 posts) -

It always seems to happen with console launches not many must haves till about after the first year but I am sure it shall pick up and the games shall improve just keep the faith.

#40 Posted by hardlydent (0 posts) -

Good: Graphics, PSN content, games.

Bad: PSN is the worst service I have ever used for gaming. I've used my PS4 across several different networks and it's consistently lags and randomly goes down for long periods of time. I can't even explain how frustrating the PSN network is. The fanboy at GameStop told me to get the PS4 for the content, but I suggest getting the Xbox One for your sanity.

#41 Posted by FallenDeath55 (556 posts) -

The Playstation 4 Console is pretty solid!

- 10 Year Shelf Life

- PS Plus Subscription is affordable and you get 2 free games every month

- The hardware itself is a bit better than the XBox 1

- The controller is a huuuge improvement

- The graphics are great but that will only last for about 3 years maximum, unfortunately most AAA titles run at 30fps on 1080p, pretty lame for a next gen console.

#42 Posted by BTK12 (4 posts) -

I have played with the PS4 a few days ago.
I think its a good console - the graphics are absolut wonderful...

but I think if I would buy a Playstation I would buy a PS3 - there are more games to play...

#43 Posted by haimesy1 (19 posts) -

i think ps4 isnt to bad there some parts of the services are doggy such as the messages not coming through straight away hoping they will sort it as we do pay £40 a year to play online :)

#44 Posted by Megavideogamer (5480 posts) -

PS4 is a good console. I have already filled up my 500GB HDD. The fact that PS4 doesn't allow for the use of external HDD's is the only bad area of PS4. Other than that it is the best console of the 8th Generation of games.

#45 Edited by comptonst88 (290 posts) -

The PS4 is an awesome piece of hardware, do not regret buying at all. The only negatives I can think of is the battery life in the controller could be alot better, and it would be cool if it supported external HDDs.

#46 Posted by KHAndAnime (14242 posts) -

-Best graphics of next-gen consoles
-Console is really fast and responsive, PS3 feels really sluggish by comparison
-More ergonomic controller, better triggers
-Tons of free games and PS+ content
- Good multiplayer experiences (example: 64 player BF4, better than anything you can find on PS3/360).

-Once you play it you won't want to play your older gen stuff as much. Seriously haven't touched my PS3 since buying my PS4 and don't see much of a reason to go back

It's a premium console - you get what you pay for.

#47 Edited by drekula2 (1952 posts) -

At the moment, neither good nor bad. It has lots of potential with a large install base and plenty of third party. But there hasn't been a killer app yet.

#48 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25830 posts) -


+OS/UI, game installs, all very quick and responsive when timed against PS3 and competing consoles.

+PS Plus

+Strong first year library, if you're not a PC gamer at least.

+Best balance of 1st + 3rd party, price + performance.

-Shitty wifi, download speeds and overall connection problems. Problems with loading messages, friends list, trophies, etc. Unless it's in Rest mode in which case downloads are fine. The PS3 wifi is a hundred times more solid and reliable in my experience. Mindboggling.

-DS4 battery

-500GB does not last long.

#49 Edited by Original_Zomi (7 posts) -

My thoughts on ps4 so far...

Offline: Not bad, works pretty well

Online: Terrible... Loading takes for ever, Refuses to connect (sony blames me for that, when its not my connection that is at fault,) Sending invites? Doesnt work. Almost the entire time i cant do shit online,

Overall verdict... Ps4? piece of shit. Stick with ps3 it's still the better consul.

#50 Posted by Original_Zomi (7 posts) -

@KHAndAnime: Actually you dont get what you pay for really. You get bugs, errors, errors, and more errors, problems, more problems, game crashes and game crashes, while sony blames you for it all.