Playstation 3 Demonstration Mode

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#1 Posted by Zoidberg54 (120 posts) -
Just a quick question.... Can anyone help me and explain how to turn off the demonstration mode so I can update the console and such?
#2 Posted by upay (352 posts) -
what!!!! Demonstration Mode  i own a ps3 i dont know wtf your talking  please explain
#3 Posted by AngelsFan32 (2179 posts) -
What are you talking about?
#4 Posted by Thomas-Crown (30371 posts) -

What demonstration mode?

#5 Posted by Theempire30 (2420 posts) -
Pl00x explain?
#6 Posted by Zoidberg54 (120 posts) -
Demonstration mode is what all the retail demo PS3s are in so that users can not update the console, download to or from it, sign in or out of the network, and all that kind of stuff.  I just want to update the PS3 at my place of employment so it will run better. 
#7 Posted by 04JETTA (5769 posts) -
call sony unless its a kiosk
#8 Posted by Miguel16 (6065 posts) -
call sony unless its a kiosk04JETTA
i dont think you can...i always thought the systems those stores got were unable to be updated and such