Open letter to Logitech and Sony. PS4 Wheel support

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Regarding Logitech Wheel support for Sony PS4.

During the last few months I,- and many others, have been witnesses to a strange battle in redirecting responsibility.

Sony states that it’s up to the game developer to include support for external hardware. Game developers states that they can do nothing without an officially signed driver from the hardware producer. And the hardware producers just re-state Sony’s statement.

So who is to blame ? Maybe I should be more specific: I would like to know who is responsible for the fact that the upcoming “Project CARS” only includes support for Thrustmaster Wheels ?

For me it seems intuitively that the game developers have almost no responsibility in this respect. Even though this is what Sony (and Logitech) claims. I do not know the amount of money that Thrustmaster have put into this deal, and we will most likely never know. But they are,- for sure, not to blame. They put their money where the business is.

Is it fair that Logitech has to pay money to have drivers included? Be aware that I’m only guessing here. The button line is: Who has the most interest in Logitech support for the PS4?

I will not buy any race games for my PS4. I own a G27, that is nicely placed in a fixed setup with a race seat etc. And I am not alone.

Is it Sony? They will loose a lot of royalties on unsold PS4 games. And they will upset many PS4 users. Some might sell their PS4 and upgrade their PC.

Is it Logitech? Last year, they officially stated that they will stop support for gaming consoles. But can the Logitech brand live with so many angry customers? Or ex-customers,- now using a Thrustmaster Wheel. Or with a flooded marked for used G25/G27 wheels,- why should PC users buy a new one ?

So Sony and Logitech. Please put your customers out of this Limbo. Announce specific development details. Like when to expect signed drivers.

Or you could send me the details needed to make this driver. We can make this a community developed driver. To support all the wheels needed. Not just Logitech ones.

Dear Sony and Logitech. The ball is in your court now.

Best regards

Carsten Hinrichsen