one of the WORST pressers ive seen, no games

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there are barely any appealing games. The order looks like crap, destiny looks like crap, anything good is coming out in 2014. what a joke, massively regret getting a ps4

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and to top it all off no one is interested in how you feel :/

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its horrid. there is literally nothing that is exciting.

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Go buy an Xb1 then.

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so trade your PS4 in for a XB1/Wii U ans stop crying like a little biatch

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@carr2332: I agree with to an extent. I am more excited for gta 5 on ps4 than anything else. Uncharted 4 cg looks good but this is the sametype of teaser after a yr pass which tells me it will be delayed from their so call 2015 release date. Phantom pain trailer is weird but looks great and I will get this no matter what. Far cry looks good. Batman looks awesome and was gameplay and that is a must get. I hope the order is playable at e3 and it translates hugely better playing than watching because the gameplay hasn't picked up any steam from delay news. I hate any time going to indie games. I actually think battlefield looks good and somewhat different and even call if duty seems interesting but it always has good impressions until you play it and it feeks like de ja vu.

Bloodborne seem interesting but nothing to judge by a trailer. Division impress me enormously and can't wait for that. Uncharted better start showing gameplay soon. Gta 5 looks so good I want to buy it again after I sold my ps3 and I had it. I didn't even recognize it at first. Gta 5 looks excellent and was gameplay and makes watchdog look outdated. Next yt? Is where all the games are coming. I am not going to give up on The order of 1886 yet but getting close. Big planet 3 looks fun and coming out this yr but never bought the other games.

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who cares, it's a press conference. enjoy your life.

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Everything sucks and it's all gone to hell? Alrighty then, I'll take some anti-depressants now. Thanks for sharing.

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@carr2332 said:

there are barely any appealing games. The order looks like crap, destiny looks like crap, anything good is coming out in 2014. what a joke, massively regret getting a ps4

Bro, it's not that's just video games!!! lol

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

Go buy an Xb1 then.

I think he already has it....he's under cover!! lol

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uncharted 4

'nuff said

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Just trying to ruin everybodys mood !

Little Big Planet 3 is coming and that all that matters !

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Omg its hard to please some people isn't it.

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I was very impressed with the amount of games all conferences showed, for me Sony topped it with more diverse Exclusives but not much is coming at the end of the year, but I mean LBP3 is a massive announcement they seemed to of played that game down, and that is coming this year, shame MS pretty much showed exactly what we knew was coming.

And one more thing, what are you talking about NO GAMES, both Sony and Microsoft were just full of games, Sony touched a little on other things but didn't spend to much time on them, but wow the diverse selection of games is right there, wow spoilt

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Sony's E3 conference was strong. Much, much stronger than Microsoft's with all that "exclusive content first on Xbox One" bullshit. LOL. And, exclusive titles are one thing, but Sony also showed their support for the indie developers once again. I respect that. And, if you think The Order: 1886 looks like crap, you're out of your mind.

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@ShepardCommandr said:

uncharted 4

'nuff said

You better add No Man's Sky to that fella!!! lol

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While I didn't like the talk of TV and other non-gaming aspects of Sony's conference, they did have some pretty good games on display. For me, they could have opened the show by showing the Uncharted 4 trailer, dropped the mic and walked off stage and I'd been happy.

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Whether the OP is a troll or just a joyless, miserable individual is irrelevant. Personally I was surprised at how Sony restrained itself from boring people with all the platform/products are in the playstation family. Usually they drone on and on about non-game related stuff and I was shocked at how little they did that this time(for Sony). They showed quite a number of games and if none of them interested you then I feel sorry for the kind of life you're living. That was a solid conference(if you don't count last year's epic conference, this year was one of the best in years).

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@porkchopxp: I agree it was good they didn't waste time on stupid #'s and they are winning the system war. Sony stuck to games and peripherals for most if the time. I just wish the suits would take off their suits and loosen up. At least that wouldn't give us the impression they are tight butts.

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I'm not sure if you are serious but if you're i completely disagree with pretty much all the useless point you made...

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EVERYONE CALM DOWN. Logic triumps emotion:

the multiplats will hold us over till the epicness that is Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, LBP3, and Order. There is more to come. Have you all forgot about all the 1st party studios Sony has?

Plus we got PS now and VR on the way. Free games every month, and now content beyond gaming for ps4

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OP : you can also read books or practise sports