One game at a time of lots on the go?

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Hi just interested to know whether you prefer to be playing just one game and play it until you've finished it or bit bored by it, or are you happy to play multiple games at the same time, 1 one day, another the next day, 2 on the same night you know what I mean. I have been playing Xcom enemy unknown loads, but got Batman Arkham city on Thursday and played that, following day my Skyrim order arrived and have been playing that, but felt guilty for leaving both Xcom and Batman in the lurch!

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I could only play one game at a time. When I play it, my goal is to play it until I beat it and then on to the next game. If I were to play a couple games, I would forget some of the storyline and/or button configurations. I have no idea how some people could be playing like +5 games in a week. Right now, I am playing Grand Theft Auto V.

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Too many games, too little time.

I prefer to buy a couple at a time and depending on my mood will mix it up or stick with one. Assassin's Creed Black Flag kept me interested on just that one for a few weeks. It really all depends on the game too and how much depth there is to it. I could never be satisfied with just one game though.

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I usually play 1-3 games at a time with 1 being a story focused game and the other 2 being games I can just pick up and play.

Right now im playing Ac Black flag and alternating with Fifa 14 online and Gran turismo 6.

I won't play two story focused games at once because I tend to forget the plot.

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I always have 2 or 3 games on the go at the same time. Killzone Shadow fall and assassin's creed 4 on PS4. and dragon's crown on PSvita at the moment. I like variety

Just used to playing different games during a session. From way back in the arcade days I suppose.

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I like to play the same game until finished, at least through the main story anyways.

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I like to play 3 or maybe 4 games at a time.

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i try to finish a game's campaign while continuing playing another game's online mp if i have already finished the latter's campaign... :)

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One at a time.

Max 2 but one of them is a shooter i play online so storyline doesn't matter and the other one is heavily story driven like GTA5

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It's too hard for me to bounce around. I focus on one game until I complete it or find a good place to stop if it's a time consuming open world game or something. I may occasionally play another game on the side if say I'm playing the multiplayer on one game or if I'm playing something on my Vita.

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At the minute I'm having one game on each platform on the go.

PS3: Mass Effect Trilogy (again)

Vita: FF7

360: Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Then I can just jump on whatever one I have access to.

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Usually I like to focus on a single game instead of juggling a few around, especially if its a game I've really been looking forward to. The only time I juggle a few is during the holiday season, not enough free time outside that to be playing 2-3 games at once.

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I use to play so many games at once I'd never finish them. Now I try to finish a particular game and not play much else seriously. Unless the game absolutely is unenjoyable to me. I'm having that trouble with MG Rising right now, want to like it but just don't.

Right now though I got Sonic Lost World and W101 as gifts just as I finished Tomb Raider. With PS+ its hard to not build a backlog. I want to start Bioshock Infinte and DmC but will just wait until I'm down with SLW and 101.

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I often play multiple games a day, if I buy a new game and like it I'll spend more time on it though.

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ps3 tales of xillia kindoms hearts hd GTAV 360 AC4 rayman legends nba 2k14

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One game at a time, gets confusing moving around, want to get black flag finished with all the SP trophies before the big RPGs come out.

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i usually play 2 or 3 at the same time. But it depends on the game. Sometimes i only play one game

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My process goes like this: Start a long rpg, play for about 15-20 hours, start a shorter game (fps, action) beat it, start up the rpg again play it for another 15 hours (and if it's not beat yet) start another short game, beat then finish the rpg. Rinse repeat.