Octodad Dadliest Catch Sells 90k digitally

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The developers from Young Horses have basicly had no pay while this game has been in development and have only lived on the kickstarter money. It's good to see they manage to get money and success from this


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Yeah im excited for the Ps4 version

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Game looks very interesting. Will definitely give it a shot when I get a PS4. Since they've surpassed their expectations already, hope they're going to use the profits for new ideas. Interesting to hear they've been warned by many to stay away from the comment sections. I get there's a great deal of hate to be doled out, but to discard all the good along with it seems shortsighted. It's their first game, they welcome feedback in order to make the best experience possible. Solid plan to succeed. They'll get my money.

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Yup another day one buy for me. Looks absolutely hilarious. Kudos to Young Horses. They deserve all the success that's coming to them.

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