No Uncharted 4 in November 2014

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On the US PS Blog a week ago, someone asked if uncharted 4 will come out in 2014, and the naughty dog guys replies that it's doubtful. I posted the image below. It sort of makes sense as they are going to fully reveal the game at e3 and they can't release the game 5 months after it's official announcement as it's too soon. There are rumours saying it's going to come out in spring 2015 which is early next year.

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Good, U3 sucked.

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Old. Do more research on the topic, the only question he answered was the one about the Easter eggs

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Pretty obvious to be honest it wouldn't come out this year.

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I like Uncharted 3:Drake's Deception and Uncharted 4 will come out next year.

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@special-ops: They were all pretty decent although I didn't finish any of them but I played a little bit of U3 and it was pretty good. Did you get a chance to play TLOU?

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I bet it comes out next year.