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When I set my PSP to connect to my computer and explore the contents there is no PSP folder but there is a folder with MUSC and PICTURE ect, I have some pictures I want to get off of my PSP is there anyway that I can do that now. THese pictures are on the PSP but not in the picutres folder for some reason.

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so when you open the memory stick on the computer and explore it, there should be a PSP folder, inside of which should be the folders titled PICTURE, GAME, SAVEDATA, etc.. the only way a PSP can read this data is if those folders are correctly titled inside of the PSP folder, but you should still be able to take the actual picture files (jpeg or bmp) from the PICTURES folder if that's where they were originally stored.

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although I just re-read your post and you said they weren't in the PICTURES folder, sorry it's kind of late. In that case that's weird that they would still be available on the PSP but not in the actual folder where the PSP should be reading them from, I guess maybe just make sure that you have enabled view hidden files and folders under folder options on your computer in case the picture files somehow got set to hidden.

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