no more ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dude i was playing online with my friend then all of a sudden my router stop working i couldent fix it or know what happen 2 it 2 begin with. So its been  3 weeks now and i still don't know where i can found some wireless internet . and i already try starbucks and they need 2 charge me by credit card **** that **** so any suggestions or other lcations so i could get online.

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Well you didn’t mention reseting the Router. This is how you do it if you don’t know. It fixed my network when it quit on me. I was back playing Warcraft 3 over lan in ten minutes. 1: Disconnect the Router from your computer 2: Disconnect the Router from your Cable Modem 3: Unplug your Cable Modem 4: Wait five minutes 5: Plug in the Cable Modem 4: Plug the router back into the Cable Modem 5: Plug the route back into the computer If you do/did that and it dosen’t/didn’t work then that sucks. You will have to try to set it up all over again. If there is something physically wrong with it then you’re going to get significantly poorer.