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So there is one thing I wanted to ask about before picking up Ni No Kuni.  A lot of longer games tend to slow down pacing wise frequently, giving way to long stretches of side quests that are either fetch or monster elmination, nothing too spectacular, and get pretty boring, unable to sustain the experience.  Was this true for Ni No Kuni as well?  Because I really can't decide between it and Bioshock right now ><

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ni no kuni does have side quests involving hunts, collections, and that sort of thing, but they're just that. you can skip them if you want to. i think it's well paced as far as jrpg's go. there's the broader structure of moving from area to area, each with its own town. in between those larger shifts, what really helps it move along is the storytelling and puzzles. i almost never say this regarding the genre, but the story was actually pretty good so there's another layer to pacing (and that includes the lore, which you can dig into at your own pace). the commitment to the puzzles is also really rare for the genre, although i will say that a lot of the puzzles are optional but i'd recommend them because they do help the pacing so much. about the only thing that hurts the pacing is the handholding in the earlier parts.

if you're asking which game i'd recommend between ni no kuni and bioshock infinite (i assume you're talking about infinite), i'm liking infinite more right now but i say that with the disclaimer that i only got it a few days ago so i haven't had a chance to finish it yet.

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how is the combat system? Are we talking closer to FFXIII or more like Tales of Vesperia?
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should try the demo so you can get an idea of the battle system

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how is the combat system? Are we talking closer to FFXIII or more like Tales of Vesperia?Essian
It's closer to Tales of Vesperia than FFXIII for sure.

It's actually not really like either though.  You can run around the screen during the battle, and you'll likely be doing this while casting spells, using items and defending.  (You will need to defend against some special attacks because they have a far reach and will hit you pretty much anywhere.)  In addition to playing as the main character and casting spells, you can also catch these monsters and send them into battle to fight in your stead.  But no matter who you are playing as, if all of your health runs out you lose the battle, so you need to switch between monsters and back to your main character during tougher battles.  You can also equip items to your monsters, just as you can regular characters.

There is a demo of Ni No Kuni on PSN.  It includes two brief sections of the game - one is from earlier on, the other is from later in the game.  You'll get a decent idea of what battles are like from that.

It's pretty fun from what I can remember, but it's a bit difficult to get the hang of at first.  It's closer to a traditional RPG battle system than an action RPG, but everything is a little more real-time with cooldowns.

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sounds pretty good, I'm glad it's a nice, active battle system. Some reviews I read made it sound really passive
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sounds pretty good, I'm glad it's a nice, active battle system. Some reviews I read made it sound really passiveEssian

Try the demo for yourself first. I don't think the demo is representative of hte battlesystem (B/c difficulty scales and you are handheld to know what to aCTUALLy do int eh real game), but the battlesystem is pretty passive compared to JRPGs like tales series, xenoblade chronicles, the old final fantasies (FF1-FFX), and paper mario.

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IMO, Ni no Kuni is a much better game than Bioshock: Infinite. I've played about 80 PS3 games, and I would rank NnK #3. Bioshock: Infinite would be somewhere in the Top 20. The gameplay is good, but not great... It's really the story that rocks Infinite... and mainly the ending. It's very good, but it wasn't the kind of game that kept me up all night playing like Ni no Kuni did. Ni no Kuni is the kind of game where you want to forego sleep, work, school, or anything else so you can keep playing.

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The demo does not do it justice. Best to youtube about 20 minutes of gameplay from Ni No Kuni so you can see it in action for yourself. Most people love it as the graphics and presentation are great but the story pacing is equivalent to watching a glacier drift aimlessly in the ocean. 85% of the game is text based dialog with tons of hand holding, repetitive combat and a pretty bad friendly AI. If you're a die hard JRPG fan and want more 'bang for your buck', go for Ni No Kuni.

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how is the combat system? Are we talking closer to FFXIII or more like Tales of Vesperia?Essian

Despite being a blender of recognizable JRPG mechanics, the overall combat is good in spite of itself.

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I am 18 hrs into the game. Its a good game. The story is a little slow and there is lots and lots of hand holding. Side Quest are ok. Nothing really different from other jrpgs style. There is bounties, though wish you could capture some and use on your side. I cant stand the team. Liked it better when it was just me and my familiars, and my sidekick. I hafta prettty much protect your party most of the time. Resources are hard to keep, cuz AI uses all there MP in the first three fights. Hardly ever just attack without magic. Even if i give everyone a strength creature to battle with. They still use the MP and usually just there first familiar and not switching to there healers. Even tho i gripe, i cant stop playing it.
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The only thing so far has been that it's been too slow for my taste. I don't really mind a slow pacing, but it is holding your hand too much at times