New store is horrible!

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#-49 Posted by ice_radon (70347 posts) -

So far I'm really torn on it. Aesthetically, it is definitely nicer, but I have a few nagging complaints. I miss the old dedicated "PlayStation Plus" section, so I could immediately go to it and see what's new. Also, the new checkout and download system seems like far too many steps, and I miss the (relative) simplicity it had before. Further, the thing is sloooow for me. It takes longer to load and things don't pop up as smoothly as they used to. And, as much as I like the new search system, I wish there was still an option for using the digital keyboard rather than scrolling through letter by letter (that's just a niggling complaint, though). Overall I'm alright with the update, I just wish it was a bit smoother.

Basically this. It is much more catered towards a non-power user... someone who only checks the store once a month type of thing and is only interested in the content on the front page. At least with the old store, you could scrolls down lists and such. They made it too "Xbox dashboard-eque". Scrolling is slow like said, which I don't think that has anything to do with connection speed rather... just bad programming.
#-48 Posted by Legolas_Katarn (15592 posts) -
I haven't looked at it much but I don't see how they could have made it worse than the old one.