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I just got a new ps3 controller but do not know how to sync it to the console. Can someone tell me how please? thanks in advance.
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link it to the console using the usb cable then press the ps button
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misleading title
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man are u serious u mean to tell me you cant just pick up the controller like on the Xbox360 and push a button to start the console, I plan on buying a PS3, not a biggie but it sucks to know if this is the case
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no you can... just grab the controller just like a 360 and it does start up the system... and one thing i will admit... the PS3's menus and such is much faster then the 360's sluggish interface...only thing i hate about the ps3 which is a really small thing is that theres no clock anywhere just under the time zone and such settings
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u push the PS button. thats it. if the PS3turns on thats it
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The first time you use the controller you need to use the USB to set the controller up to the PS3, but after that you never need to do this again.

If you want to set-up the Blu-Ray remote or a Blu-Tooth headset then there is a place on the PS tool bar that allows you to register optional Blu-Tooth accesories (you can have a total of 7 different Blu-Tooth devises registered to one PS3).

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Its funny I just got a red ps3 controller yesterday and I opened it put it on my charging stand and threw out the packageing. I woke up today grabed the controller and for about 15 mins thought that it was completely broken. USB is the key lol.
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how do you people even FIND these topics?!?! its 3 years
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How can you not know that, lol just plug to the ps3 with the usb cable and its sync, its that easy xD