New Generation, eh?

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So, there here. The Next generation of consoles are all here.

Wii U (remember?), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

I'm not going to give an opinion based on my use of any and/or all of the consoles. Instead, I'm going to speak from the perspective of someone who doesn't wait in lines on release day to get a console. The gamer who holds out and waits for glitches to get fixed, re-models/redesigns to be released, surprise bundles to be sold, and, last but certainly not least, libraries to be built. From the outside looking in, these are the few major things I have taken away throught this entire fiasco over the “Next Gen Battle”:

  1. Both of the latest released consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) have issues. I don't know why some people are surprised, shocked, and/or upset over this. This is to be expected.

  2. Libraries are lukewarm, according to review by GameSpot, IGN, and Metacritic. PS4's library is actually a bit dissapointing to me because I personally wasn't expecting much from the Xbox One's launch titles. Killzone seems to be middle of the road according to both aforemetioned reviewers and independent testiomonies. Though I was probably part of a minority that thought this game had potential, Knack seems to have flopped. Need For Speed looks as the most coveted game on both consoles though, again, I expected much better reviews after seeing trailers and gameplay during E3.

  3. This battle is really going to be the battle of the libraries. I think hardware-wise, the consoles are very similar with the power and graphical edge going to the PlayStation 4 (please read the actual specs before disputing). Sony, in my and many others' opinion, has always won in the exclusives department. It is good to see Microsoft attempting to build up their “exclusives” catalog. It seems in response, Sony branched out into the indie market with force, especially with heavy hitters like Journey (!) and Unfinished Swan proving that indie games can be a viable and lively community along with their “AAA” counterparts.

Sure I don't have a next-gen console now. Which do I plan to get?

PlayStation 4.

Admittedly, growing up with PlayStation does factor into this decision. There are more “factual” and based “opinons” to back my choice. The selling point for me when it comes to consoles are EXCLUSIVES. As a mainly PC gamer, I see no reason to get a game for console that is also for PC. I don't have to worry about “online fees”, graphics, multitasking, and controller preference. Sometimes I do get some games, like a Call of Duty or a Street Fighter, for console to simply play with friends. Most of the time, you can catch me on Steam.

Even with the so-so response to the initial launch lineup, PlayStation has always kept me buying consoles because of the exclusives. Microsoft still hasn't released anything outside of Gears of War and Fable (!) that has impressed me as far exclusives go. Titanfall sounds like a good idea but the execution so far has disappointed me.

Microsoft's business practices annoy me, especially as a PC user (Windows!), and because of that I try to abstain from purchasing any of their products (my 360 and the few games I have for it were given to me). Yes, that does factor into my purchasing decision.

The Wii U is getting a couple of looks from me, definitely. Especially with this new Super Smash Bros. rolling out in 2014. Wii U could possibly be my first next-generation console....

Either way, if you have a PS4, Wii U, and/or an Xbox One it's cool. I won't go flaming on you. I won't refuse to speak to you. I won't seek to burn your house down and blow your console up. I promise.............

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Don't care? All opinions are welcome as long as they're educated and based on some type of fact or real experience.


MarchingOrd3rZ, what music have you been listening to?:

  • New album from Shad, “Flying Colours". Awesome Canadian emcee for ya'll who don't know. Hip-hop fans should definitely check him out. Very clever dude...

  • New Album from one of my favorite artists M.I.A. Sri-Lankan rapper/singer dropped her album not too long ago. “Matangi”. Check it out.

  • London Gammar's fairly new album “If You Wait”. The first track on the album, “Hey Now”, may be my favorite track of 2013. Hannah Reid, lead singer of this outfit, can SING. Check them out.

I'm open to ANY music suggestions.

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To be honest mate you're in the PlayStation forum so what kind of answer do you expect to receive? Of course everyone on here (or most anyway) will recommend you to buy the PS4. Anyways nice post whichever system you go for I hope you enjoy it.

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@BattleSpectre: I'm not sure why my blog post was moved here...I'm still getting used to the new site format. I must have accidentally checked a box or something I didn't know about...

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In a perfect world, we'd all be playng some ryse on xbox one, smash bros on wii u, and some killzone on ps4. I think theres good reason to buy all three consoles. I currently have PS4 and i'm loving it. Cheers. :)

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I'm going to do the smart thing for the PS4, wait till it gets cheaper, better upgrades and more games are available. Last thing I want is a bug like the Xbox 360 red glow of death .