Never played TLOU, what am I in for?

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Please don't reply if you have some negative hate towards the game, because I am actually really excited for it. I will be playing it on PS4, having won numerous GOTY awards I know its good. But how good? I loved RE4, and Uncharted, and the Falllou games, and the MGS games. So if I loved those how does TLOU stack up?

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I don't how to compare it to those other games, but I still consider it to be one of my favorite games. I guess it's a bit like Uncharted, minus the over-the-top action, but with more focus on the narrative. I didn't have any real problems with it, and I'm sure it will look great and feel a little bit better to play on the PS4, which leaves me conflicted because I'd like to enjoy an "enhanced" version of it, but I don't really want to buy it again. I'd say you're lucky to get to experience it your first time on the PS4.

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I've never played it either but from what I've heard from numerous people, it's one hell of a game! And the fact that we get all the DLC with it for free, I feel like we are getting the ultimate version!!

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Awesome. You are in for awesome.

But seriously, The Last of Us is a fantastic game. You should love it.

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One of the best, most intense gaming experiences you'll ever play.

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A third person video game with guns.

It's pretty dope, but how good is it? I liked it a ton, but that is a pretty subjective question.

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If you ask me, your in for one the the greatest openings to a game ever!!! Then nothing but disappointment after that

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You are in for a fantastic experience, truly.

Still, regardless, don't set the bar too high. Even if something is nearly unmatched in greatness, it can still disappoint if you set that bar too high.

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I've never played it either but i'm posting in here to help add to the internet clutter.

Hope you like it

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I played this on my ps3 but i never finished the game.

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You'l Love it.... Also Bioshock Infinite Got alot of GOTY's too..... Believe me when I say it will dissapoint you anyway.... So becarefull in regards to Review Scores and Awards.

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What are you in for? Only the best fvcking game to hit our shelves last gen. I'm so happy with the game that I'm buying it again for my PS4 - In fact I already have it on pre-order. Do we have an official release date yet?

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it has the emotional resemblance to the movie "the road", the story is captivating, the graphics and game mechanics are top notch... you are in for a good ride... :D

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It's the story which is the most compelling, the atmosphere, the character relationships, the character development, it's all spot on, the gameplay itself is solid not revolutionary but is solid, it also allows you to craft weapons in game, which gives you more of a reason to look around your enviroment, it offers you stealth, it gives you limited ammo, limited resources, places you cannot get to if you do not have that specific tool to get in.

The game on a story telling scale is up there with the best movies of all times, a few nice twists aswel and some good boss battles, there's even a great 1 vs 10 in a small town which you pretty much have the run of any house in the town to go in and find or hide, your in for a real treat esp if you like story driven games like MGS and Uncharted,

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it's a linear, zombie soap opera... forced dramatics and lacking in zombie action but overall a satisfying gaming experience. I was playing it on hard when I gave it to my nephew.... I'll be buying the PS4 version though so I'll enjoy it again later. I never played the online but imagine it's good but I'm not into competitive shanking etc.