Need help chose between titles for the PS4.

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So I been trying to decide what game to get for my PS4. My first choice is NBA 2K14 and my second choice will either be CoD Ghost or Killzone SF. I am conflicted because I am recently playing Killzone Mercenary online for the Vita and it is actually pretty fun. I am not one of those gamers that just play FPS all the time so where I am trying to get at is I just want THAT ONE GOOD FPS for my console. Any suggestions?

Which has better graphics?

Which has better gameplay features?

Better single player campaign?

Better maps and online multiplayer?

Also I own a vita and the only games I have is Walking Dead and Killzone Merc. Found out that Injustice is coming out and it's $40 on the vita and $60 on the PS4? I am considering the vita version if the PS4 version is pretty much a port of the PS3 version. I don't think that is worth $60 in my opinion.

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Out of Killzone sf or ghosts I would say Killzone sf hands down just because Call of duty is getting lame. But that's just my opinon.

Are you not interested in Battlefield 4? In terms of multiplayer, nothing even comes close to it.

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Personally there's no way I'd buy ghosts, Killzone looks like a more enjoyable game to me. I haven't really enjoyed a duty game in quite a few years though so that might have something to do with it.

Think about what you like better, a twitchy brofest or a twitchy brofest? Nah, I'm sure both will be fun, just flip a coin man!

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It SHOULD be between KZ and BF4.

I'm getting both. I'll probably put a lot more time into BF4 but I have to have KZ for that next gen shock and awe.

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Why are you even considering COD? It's stale and boring. Get Killzone.

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I didnt even give CoD a bit of my thoughts. I have Killzone here at home waiting for that PS4

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killzone SF its superior game