Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Help!!

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#1 Posted by TairuSzoola (73 posts) -

Okay so I bought the game from Gamestop and it loads all the way to install. It starts installing and then it takes forever at 30%. It has been on 30% for the longest time with a random flash here and there. The music sometimes goes on and off too. Any help? Anyone else have to wait a while?

#2 Posted by ristactionjakso (5664 posts) -

Should have bought Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Story mode is better in that one.

#3 Posted by Nengo_Flow (9369 posts) -
take it back and get your money back, that game is a waste of money anyways. Just wait for Storm 3 coming out sometime in late spring of 2013.