My PSP is not charging!!!!!!!

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#1 Posted by BigB10123 (737 posts) -

Lately my PSP hasn't been charging. When I use the wall outlet or carcharger it doesn't charge. The only way it does charge is through the usb charger from MadCatz. Does anyone know why it isn't charging through the wall outlet or car charger??

#2 Posted by Hman321 (1271 posts) -
try getting a new power charger
#3 Posted by nevereathim (2161 posts) -
I think it's your battery, or you need a new charger (you have to get a new one every once in a while)
#4 Posted by MiiforWii (1013 posts) -
Its got to be your battery, if its not working on both your charger or your car charger...
#5 Posted by wwedx (2014 posts) -
when im useing the psp on the internet it wont charge
#6 Posted by oscarmik (491 posts) -
Ha ha, good for you!
#7 Posted by marbigmarbig (1725 posts) -
Try turning the WLAN switch off.
#8 Posted by Ojstillfly (240 posts) -
Let it die completely then start charging it, if that doesn't work send Sony a claim. Wait it won't charge when your online? I got and idea charge it when your not online, DEEDEEDEE
#9 Posted by leezeebub (4112 posts) -
are you sure its not charging, cos when i do multiplayer i get a green light but it is still charging