My PSP can't connect...

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Ok, my PSP can't connect to my internet it just says "Connecting to access point" for 2 secs then "Exchanging key information" for 2 secs then alternates between the two until finally it says "A connection error has occurred. The key information timed out."

My System Software is 3.72 anyone know of a way to fix this? please?

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Can we assume the key information you have set on the psp matches the key information on the access point?
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I scanned it and set it up the way I did with my first router and it worked fine with my other router...

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I had that problem. Try resetting the PSP System settings to Default. You'll have to recreate the connection since this wipes it.
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Ok I tried that didn't work, I took my PSP to my dad's and set that all up and then that didn't work either

I got a new thing saying "Obtaining IP address" then it says "Error obtaining IP address. Connection timed out" or something like that :SAny other ideas?

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go down to the right hand corner of your computer look for the local area connection or the two computers and click on it because it gives you your IP address etc. and set it up manually
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Coulld you help me out with this? Like give me a guide to do this please? I tried it with my dad's IP and it didn't work -.-

EDIT** Ok I set all that up but NOW i've got a new error message with my dad's router. "Communication with the server failed. A DNS error has occurred. (8041040F)" Any ideas? I put my Primary and secondary DNS Servers the same because I couldn't find out what my second one was.

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well I'm not sure now

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it may be a firewall on the connection thats blocking ur psp from connecting, thats all i can think of :?
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If you are not Nirvanax360, well here is what i told him:

Well when you set up the psp's ip address there was also a slot for 2 DNS addresses. You only need one. Anyway, if your router is any good, then you can use the router as your DNS. Which means use your router's ip address as your primary DNS address. If it still does not work use this address:

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Its working now, I dunno what happened like but non the less thanks for your help