My PS4s free month of PS+ is almost up and...

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Not at all sure I plan to keep it. The only freebie I care to keep is Resogun, which I can buy cheaply enough. Haven't done any online gaming on the PS4 and as much as I hated Killzone, probably not about to start.

Anything else I'm going to lose if I cut the cord? Anyone else thinking about doing the same?

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Do you own other PS (PS3/PSVita) consoles too? Not much of a loss if you don't renew your subscription, but it helps to keep it because of the IGC offerings every month across three platforms. And oh, PS+ sales too.

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You're going to lose out on the great free games that are coming out monthly.

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i used my 30day trial followed by two 7day trials. im currently still on my second 7day trial with only a few days left. i bought a year subscription for $30 during the black friday sale but i might wait to use it. i currently dont do anything on the ps4 that requires ps+ except play resogun for free. i just dont feel like its currently worth it for the ps4...maybe still worth it for the ps3 though if you have one

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You'd miss any games that come up free with PS Plus. But you could just wait until there's one you really want and then buy a year's subscription. If you don't want to play online and don't really like the games that have been bundled with it, you won't be missing anything.

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Right now PS4 is too new for it to really be worth it. But give it a few months once the game base expands and I believe it will be well worth it. I don't blame you if you wait to buy a year subscription, but I recommend checking what titles are out and at some point you'll probably see something you like.

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It'll be worth it later on, i'd just let it expire. Might as well hold off then finally buy it when they drop something you are really interested in.

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i bought the 1 year subscription for 30 bucks on black friday. You should of took that offer as well at gamestop. The free games are worth every penny. Especially if you have a Ps4, Vita, and Ps3.

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I've had my PS3 for 4 years and never thought about getting the subscription until I picked up up the Vita on Black Friday. I took a chance and purchased two one year subscriptions when Amazon had them for 29.99 and I'm happy I did. I now have a PS4 on the way and value of having free games available for each system every month, device syncing and automated updates really makes it worth having in my opinion.

Quick question, is the one month trial stackable if you already have a subscription?

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@iczerlion: I believe so. One of my buddies used a 1 month sub and a 1 week sub on his already running PS+ somehow so I guess you can.