my ip address timed out?

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#1 Posted by Tiny_Hutch (212 posts) -
some one help. my psp used to work fine with internet browesing . its says its connection is established, but once it tried to obtain ip address, it will stay on that screen for about a minutes or two untill it tell me my ip address has timed out. any symptoms or help?
#2 Posted by Halochief_101 (402 posts) -
Maybe it's your router? or connection?
#3 Posted by Tiny_Hutch (212 posts) -
there a way to manualy input it into ur psp? and wher can i find my ip address onmy computer?
#4 Posted by kimbokasteniv (3892 posts) -

Yeah there is a way to manually input the ip address, but that may not be your best solution.

If things normally work, and all of a sudden you are having this problem then you most likely need to just reset (unplug) your router .

Try that, and tells us how it goes.

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try to "repair" the connection

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you router will have a WEP key find it and it will work

the same thing happend to me

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Have you updated your PSP recently? :o
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kimbokasteniv u waz right i unpluged it all and it worked cause ma sister waz trying to get tthe connection but it kept saying ip addreas not working or it timed out thanks.dis worked perfect BUT AFTER U UNPLUG IT I WOULD SUGGEST TO TURN OFF THE COMPUTER
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Re set router by unpluging it for 25 secs