My First PS3 - Slim vs Super Slim - What's the Difference in Build Quality?

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I've been considering to buy a PS3 for a long time, but always decided to upgrade my PC with the money instead. I have not owned a console since the original Playstation since in 1995. I've pretty much been a PC gamer since StarCraft hit store shelves. And now, its fairly late in the cycle of this current console generation. Pretty much, would just want to play some sports games like Madden and NCAA that don't come to PC and JRPGs. I know I can get the 250GB Super Slim with Uncharted and Infamous bundle for $199 but if the quality of build of the Slim is that better, I can justify shelling out the additional money. for the Slim since I can't say I was attracted to the PS3 for the 360 for those exclusives, but more for Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid and JPRGs and Final Fantasy. $249 - 320 GB Slim with 1 game (MW3, Uncharted 3 or Madden 13) $199 - 250 GB Super Slim with Uncharted 1+2 and Infamous 1+2
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Big difference is the top loading drive in the Super Slims. They look and sound pretty tacky IMO but I think the Super Slims run cooler and on less electricity. In the end I don't think either is poorly built and both will work just fine. I'd take the bundle that represents a better value to you. (that is the games/price/hard drive space makes more sense to your preferences)

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I'm sure they're both reliable no matter which one you decide to get. Personally, if it were me, I'd get the super slim for the fact that it's the most recent model and, theoretically speaking, it should be the "most" reliable out of all the revisions they've made.