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How to pitch good in this game. I need tips on pitching

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Mix speeds, pitches and locations. Not every pitch needs to be in the strike zone.

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Just an additional suggestion to add to the excellent one posted by Namgis above: Try to get ahead in the count early (That is - throw strike one.). While it is true that not every pitch needs to be a strike, you'll want to avoid pitching from behind in the count too often The biggest mistake you can make while pitching, be it IRL or in a video game, is to constantly fall behind in the count. That's how big innings (most of the time) happen. When you're ahead in the count you put less pressure on yourself to throw strikes and it gives you more flexibility in dealing with hitters. That's when you can mix your pitches & locations most effectively.

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What pitching format are you using? Meter? Pulse? Are you allowing the catcher to call the pitches? Are you properly warming up your pitchers? Do you go with whatever pitch is working(regardless if it's not one of your pitcher's better pitches)? There is so much information you need share on your end if you want legitimate help.