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I downloaded Metro Last Light from PSN Plus

was playing the whole game with surround sound headphones


the entire game had me hooked and at the edge of my seat in most situations and the story is brilliant for a fps game, never has another shooter had me playing for over 5 hours straight in one sitting (which was one of many other sittings) , i just could not let go of the game, the pacing of the game is near PERFECT, the survival aspect of the game is just as brilliant as the story, the wilderness and the metro itself, the world has so much life in it and the ending was brilliant, for me this game has set the benchmark for how a single player shooter should be

i eagerly await this developers next game!


anyone else play it yet?

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In the top 5 best shooters of last gen for me.

Really great game and atmosphere. Also a very good storyline. Im so glad this game didn't come with multiplayer because the campaign would of suffered. This is what happens when developers focus on campaign only.

I have been meaning to play the first installment Metro 2033.

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I've played it, but didn't think it was all that great. The A.I. are the dumbest in any fps iv'e played. You can be directly in front of them and as long as your light detector isnt flashing, they can never see you. And they can be standing under a light, you can shoot that light out and they don't even flinch like their lights get shot out on the reg. I've never felt like it was a survival game either. I've never had any problems with ammo or anything else running out.

It's better than CoD and Battlefield campaigns, but not ground breaking eiher. But to each their own, glad you like it.

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i finish metro last light on xbox 360 its fantastic game the A.I. its poor. and metro 2033 its gorgeous too

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It's a decent campaign, certainly better than the ones tacked on to multiplayer games nowadays. But I can think of better. Half life 2 and bioshock spring to mind.

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I really liked it. Eventually going to get the platinum. Just need to get the good ending and beat the game without killing anyone.

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Played it on PC, loved the level of immersion and gunplay was much improved from 2033.

The lighting though seemed a downgrade from 2033 and I liked the story in 2033 more but still from an enjoyment standpoint, my fav shooter of 2013.

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it is a very good game, i played it when it was first released and loved every single moment... it reminded me of the last fps game i played on pc before switching to ps3 back then, namely stalker, the shadow of chernobyl, in which members of the metro developers took part...

it was one of the best games of last year... :)

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I would have never bought this game. But thanks to PSN, I downloaded it & started playing. I have to appreciate that this is an amazing FPS.

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I'll start it soon.

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I look forward to whenever the heck I get around to playing it. Thinking of getting Metro 2033 first.

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I played the first one on onlive it was laggy as hell could not hit anything

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I've played it but I didn't like it I got bored of it very quickly.

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not even close. Metro 2033 was better and it wasnt even in the top 10 best campaigns...

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I played it but didn't finish the game but I agree the game was awesome and the graphics were very impressive. The creatures kept me on the edge of my seat for the most part. It was an awesome game for sure. Should be another in my opinion.

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i have it in the download queue.. will get around to it.. hows the performance.. is it laggy? i dont mind 30fps as long as it is locked like bioshock infinite was