mech or robot games for the PSP?

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are there any good mech or robot or gundams for the psp? i know theres an armor core game for the psp but i heard its not so good so i was wonder are there any decent mech games for the psp?
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there's a lot of gundam games in japan, like gundam vs. gundam, and theres a macross plus game coming out soon.
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There are like 3 gundam games out.
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There are like 3 gundam games out.DopeyDavoid

But not outside Japan, right? I'venever seen one here but perhaps I haven't been looking. I think what the poster is asking about a game like "MechWarrior" or similar game... notice the mention of "Armored Core" already... which is not a very good title by any stretch of the imagination.

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Gundam Battle Royale / Gundam Battle Chronicle / SD Gundam G Generation / Super Robot Taisen A Portable / Gundam Battle Universe / Gundam Battle Tactics

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Gundam Seed federation vs zaft portable