Malicious Rebirth Trailer

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#1 Posted by Blake135 (3994 posts) -

Umm never heard of it supposedly it was on PS3? THought I would share it looks kinda cool might keep a eye out for it.

#2 Posted by Jehuty08 (1951 posts) -

looks pretty badass, hope it comes stateside

#3 Posted by Malta_1980 (11483 posts) -

somehow reminds me of Gravity Rush, maybe due to its art-style...

I hope they bring it over to EU/US since i'd definately get this game..

#4 Posted by thecreechxxx (716 posts) -
Cool, thanks for that! It looks awesome, will definately be on my radar.
#5 Posted by Ovirew (6630 posts) -

I like how their capes/scarves are weapons lol. It does kind of look like Gravity Rush, wonder if it was made by the same development team?

Thanks for posting this. I think I'll follow it.