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What the hell Square Enix!? This has to be one of the laziest and most rushed games ever published by them!

- The cutscenes are missing so much audio and sound effects (It is REALLY distracting!)

- The Time Limit! This has to be my biggest complaint... The timer goes by so fast i cannot even figure out what to do on certain side quests and fail them, as well as even miss time events for the main missions!! But the biggest offender for this complaint is losing ONE WHOLE HOUR when escaping battle and you are only given 7 days!

- The graphics are worse than XIII and XIII-2. So many muddled textures and the NPC models are somewhat blocky. Almost everything you look at has low res textures.

I really wanted to love this game, but the only really good things about it is the AMAZING new Schemata Battle System, more freedom to explore (unfortunately the clock is always the enemy), way more customization for inventory.

This game could have been so much better if they actually polished everything else more and better production values, as well as introducing some LIKEABLE characters for once that actually do reasonable actions (the returning characters are just a shell of what made them somewhat interesting).


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Just played and i agree with everything.

F this game.

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Also, if you have no idea what you are doing on your first playthrough, you might as well have to restart to get a lay for the land and have a decent schemata setup....

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Having to restart the game is just bad design.This isn't the nes such outdated concepts don't belong here.

The whole point of having an open world is the ability to explore and do wherever you want.Adding a time limit makes all that pointless.

Your only choice other than restarting the game is to use a guide for everything.I don't about you but that ruins the game for me.I have no desire to play it like this.

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Agreed, the only thing ill be purchasing from Square Enix is FFX | X-2 Remaster.... ill wait for reviews to come out for XV before i purchase it...

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I wrote them off after the second game, bought the deluxe version with the soundtrack, special edition guide and just didn't even care enough to complete the game... even with the guide! the graphics were dumbed down for Xbroke DVD level, no world map etc, because it was made for DVD not Blu-ray. If I even buy it it will be when it's about $20 or less. Then they pulled the Versus BS, "yeah, we strung you morons along talking all that amazing PS3 exclusive game engine... then whoopsy, porting it to next generation *pockets Microbribe Xboner funds*" After that I say F'you to them. I'm only interested in seeing if they do another Parasite Eve or something unexpected. They can shove FF up Xboners lube holes.

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I actually did enjoy 13-2.I mean yes the story was silly and completely pulled out of their asses but the game itself was fun.It had this addictive pokemon like quality where you catch monsters,train them and fuse them to get stronger monsters.Also the colloseum fights were really well done and required a good deal of strategy to beat.(especially gilgamesh)

But this piece of shit has nothing,no redeeming qualities whatsoever.The story sucks,the characters suck,the gameplay sucks,the timer sucks,everything about it sucks.

Oh and the ending is a joke.

Get this Lightning defeats god with the help of her friends, and then teleports with her friends to Earth, and she ends up in France as a normal human being.

This isn't a joke ,someone got paid to write this.

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i was never a fan of the ff13 series.. but dang, that bad huh?

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I agree with everything the op said, and I'll add more:

Environments just look terrible, dark and dull cities with washed out graphics. Character lip movement doesn't match speech at all. The battle system is practically broken because you can constantly switch garb jobs and spam spells/abilities. Hope chimes in every five seconds which makes his comments constantly cut off. Battling gives no experience points. The time limit is very annoying.

The game is absolute trash and luckily I was able to Return Lightning Returns for a full refund.