Lego Batman PSP Multiplayer?

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#1 Posted by Ahcas (10 posts) -

While the box says it's a single-player game, the dang manual states "Press the Start button on a second controller and take control of the second player character." So there is cooperative play after all? Do they mean that a second PSP is your so-called second controller? If they do, I certainly couldn't get it to work.

#2 Posted by ston3henge (2732 posts) -

I've only played the demo, so I'm no expert, but you might need two copies of the game to play ad-hoc multiplayer... great game judging by the demo, and multiplayer would be a sweet cherry ontop. Check the manual or the box to see if there's game sharing or you need two copies of the game (one for each PSP involved).

Hope this helps!