KZ3, Resistance 3 and UC2: worth getting?

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I have UC1 and 3 but I don't have Among Thieves. Do you think I should buy it or should I just borrow it from a friend? And is Resistance 3 worth getting for a low price (new) or is it better to buy the Resistance Trilogy? I've played Resistance 1 and it was really boring but the demo for 2 and 3 was pretty cool. Also, should I buy Killzone 3? Is it worth around $20 new?

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I've only played Resistance 3 and Uncharted 2. I'll give you my thoughts on the two.

Resistance 3 actually has a really good campaign and it doesn't fall victim to popular FPS mechanics. There is no regen health and you can carry and cycle through all your weapons at any time. Enemies and missions are varied, and the weapons are creative and upgrade-able. I'm surprised this game isn't talked about more.

Uncharted 2 I cannot recommend in good conscience. Gameplay is cut up by a large amount of cutscenes, On rails climbing segments are slow paced and long winded, weapons are rather unvaried as are the enemies, foes are bullet sponges which greatly slows down the action, entire missions are throw away outings like the museum heist and the ice cave with Tenzen. That's not to say it's all bad. While the story is poor, you cannot help but enjoy the well acted characters and the visuals are spectacular.

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I didn't like KZ3 at all honestly

Resistance 3's campaign is definately worth playing at least once, but it's not too long so borrowing/ renting it should be fine

Uncharted 2- I wouldn't recommend buying it, renting/borrowing it should be fine

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I can't comment on either Resistance 3 or Killzone but having completed all three uncharted's I would have to agree with the majority, Amongst thieves did feel a little long winded with some lengthy cut scenes. Also the end boss wasn't really challenging ( I didn't lose a life ) which especially for me is the norm until I figure out what I'm meant to do. Think it's definitely a borrowing game rather then a purchase.
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All three of those titles are extremely cheap now.  Why not just own them for yourself.  You could probably find Killzone 3 for cheaper than $20 though.  Uncharted 2 is still one of the best games on PS3.  Resistance 3 was overlooked by a lot of people when it came out.  The title has a pretty good story.  Uncharted 2 suffers from long drawn out gun fights towards the end of the game.  Some of it just feels like filler.  You could probably score all three games for $40 if you look around. 

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No doubt worth getting.

all three have fun single players and I know that people still play R3's and KZ3's MP too

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I have played UC2 and KZ3. I have to tell you that both of those games have awesome single-player experiences. I have played both of these games' campaigns multiple times, and I get bored very easily. KZ3 on top of that also has a very fun and addicting multiplayer. U2 on the other hand is said to be the best Uncharted game ever. I personally can't decide between U2 and U3, but for a lower price, definitely buy U2. It has graphics that look like they were made 6 months ago, not 4 years. Same for KZ3.
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Buy R3 and U2.

I liked KZ3, but its not for everyone.

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U2- F*ck yeah! KZ3- Hell yeah R3- Ima slap you if you dont get this game bro. And no you dont need to play R1 or R2.
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No doubt worth getting.

all three have fun single players and I know that people still play R3's and KZ3's MP too

R3 multiplayer is.......................... something you should stay way from... It was good at first but now, its just impossible to actually play it. The small matches were fun, but now that only the super elite spammers run the multiplayer, I had to stop playing it.
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It is worth getting them.
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i personally love UC2 so that is worth getting. KZ3 is worth playing but not buying unless you are into shooters. and i havent played R3 yet. 

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Replace Killzone 3 with Killzone 2 as it's a much better game both in single player and online. Resistance 3 has a fantastic campaign. I didn't really like the 2nd one and if you didn't like the first then you might as well just get the 3rd one. Uncharted 2 is my favourite in the series. If you liked the other 2 a lot and you can get it for cheap then you may as well pick that up too. Have fun!

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Both UC2 and R3 are worth it.

KZ3 is only really worth it for the multiplayer or to be wowed by the visuals.  Its story is very bland.

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I've never played nor owned Resistance 3, but I did take part in the beta and I tried out the demo. The game is definitely the best out of the trilogy, and that's only going off the small portions of gameplay I had a chance at. So yeah, Resistance 3 is definitely worth getting. Uncharted 2 is a must, as of now it's about $15 to $20 over on Amazon depending on whether or not you get the regular or GOTY edition, if you can't be bothered to buy it then definitely borrow it from your friend. Killzone 3 is great for multiplayer, but the story is just about as generic an FPS as it comes,so that is the only one that is a little hard to recommend as worth getting.


R3 - Definitely

U2 - Definitely

K3 - Maybe,I'd recommend giving the demo a go on this one. 

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I've only played UC2 & Resistance 3. Definitely worth it, those 2 games are in my top 5 games on the PS3. Loved them both.

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Resistance 3 has the most unappreciated single player FPS campaign this gen, get it. UC2, absolutely. It's the best in the series. Can't stand Killzone.
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I'm not a big fan of Resistance 3, but that's because I'm not a fan of the series, but I do think it's better than the second game if that helps.

Uncharted 2 definitely get, there are some levels I like to go back to once in a while because they're so well made.

As for KZ3, I'd say if you have a Gamestop around you try getting the trilogy, as I think it's only $30 now and comes with all the DLC, and the 1st game is always fun to go back to (even though it makes me a bit disappointed they took away alternate fire in KZ2 and 3).

So if you were to get them I'd say get them in this order:

Uncharted 2

Killzone Trilogy

Resistance 3

Edit: After posting this I read the other replies, I'm surprised to see not so many positive things about KZ3, I actually liked the SP a lot, as I think KZ2 and 3 have some of the best FPS action and gameplay available (though yes, the story is kind of awful).

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yes its worth getting them.

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Yes, yes and yes.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I've decided to buy Killzone 3, 3D Dot Game, The Last of Us and Far Cry 3 at the moment, and probably some Soul Calibur 5 DLC and Hearthfire. I'll get Resistance 3 after a month or two (might get the trilogy if price fall down) and I'll just borrow UC2, since it didn't seem to have much replay value (and I tend to platinum only free-roamers). Again, thanks for the advice :D.

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Not a fan of Killzone but Resistance 3 and Uncharted 2 are the best in their respective series.

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Uncharted 2 is the game of the generation, IMO, so of course you should pick it up.

The others?  I don't really have an opinion on them.

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It's all a question of what you want from the game :)
You put 2 First Person Shooters against one Action-Adventure games so it let's me think that you like shooting games. If it's shooting you want, than leave Uncharted be, because it's often riddles and other stuff aside from shooting. I for myself have Uncharted 2 and love the game, but that's because i like a mix of Lara Croft with some more shooting and different pace.

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If you like shooters without question R3 is way better then KZ3. Uncharted2 was a better time than KZ3 as well.  go ahead and buy them if you feel inclined to do so.

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I have played killzone 3 and unchartd 2. I would recomend both of these games to play killzone at least once and UC2 as far as u can make 100% completion. Resistance 3 i havent played. Hope this helps
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I think they're all worth it.

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I would get Resistance 2 for the co-op though. It's a shame they took that out of 3.

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yes its worth getting them.

same here