King of Fighters XIII Free For PS+ NA Tomorrow

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That's right, we are getting King of Fighters XIII tomorrow. Really weird? Yeah, it should have been a halloween-themed game!

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Thats a great fighter game. Just didnt like some of the things in story mode.

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2nd best news for me since becoming a + member. 1st was inFamous 2 as I skipped that one due to a tight wallet at the time.

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i already own this game (hard copy) but this is great news for the people that dont and want to try it out.. one of the best fighting games (imo) to come out this gen.
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Holy S$%^! Are you serious!? Don't play with my emotions! I was seriously about to buy this game off PS+ 2 weeks ago! Glad I waited. I actually bought Infamous 2 off PSN 2 weeks BEFORE it went free lol
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That was a $60 retail on-disc game right? awesome!