Killzone Shadow Fall -- Not Running Smooth?

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Hello guys and girls, I think something is wrong when I play Killzone Shadow Fall. The game looks stunning, with beautiful graphics and detail in every level.

But the only problem I'm having seems to be when there's a few enemies on screen and I start firing my gun it looks like the game slows down, like with choppy frame rate as if it's buffering, and than it picks up again after a few seconds.

Now is anyone else noticing this? Is it perhaps the motion blur they've added to the game and I'm overreacting? If not I could try playing with my TV settings and choosing game mode or something. I have a Samsung 60" LED TV 200Hz.

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No, it plays fine for me.

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Argh, I guess it's hard to explain. The game runs silky smooth but when a few enemies pop up on the screen and I begin firing my gun, it looks like the frame rate slows down a bit. After a few seconds that stops, and everywhere else it runs fine. I'm assuming it's got to do with my motion flow settings, or it's just the games motion blur effect kicking in.

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@BattleSpectre: That sounds really weird. I just finished the campaign and never noticed a slowdown or glitch

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Damn it, I knew something was up when I saw it in motion. Well it's time to play with my TV settings, do any of you recommend anything in particular? What settings do you use, as in do you have your TV on Game Mode etc.?

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I use the Vivid setting. Never noticed a problem with killzone sf or any ps4 game for that matter. Could it be a problem with just killzone? Does it happen with other games?

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@marcheegsr: Well that's the thing that doesn't make sense to me. I've also got an Xbox One (I know, shoot me) and I've played Fifa 14, Forza 5, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3 but none of which seem to have that problem. I'm betting it's because Killzone is an FPS and everything moves so fast, it's probably a setting on my TV I need to get right (don't have another PS4 game to try either). Having said that I've calibrated my TV and the picture looks great on games, so I don't want to ruin anything haha.

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@BattleSpectre said:

Damn it, I knew something was up when I saw it in motion. Well it's time to play with my TV settings, do any of you recommend anything in particular? What settings do you use, as in do you have your TV on Game Mode etc.?

Try not to worry, I notice it when a lot of enemies are on the screen (and the fire/smoke effects) If you go online and play with others you will notice it more, some gamer's don't notice frame-rate drops. I can pick them up easily, most tend to ignore it. Because online runs in 60 and can drop into the 40's it's very noticeable compared to a locked frame-rate of say 30

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I never had any problems with this

and yeah I have my TV on game mode

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are you talking about when you play multiplayer? could it be your internet connection lagging?

if youre talking about campaign check to see if your tv has a 'smooth motion' feature found on tvs with 120hz [or better] refresh rates. sometimes these can glitch your picture depending on how things are moving on screen.

one last thing i can think to check is if youre running multiple apps while playing kz. i know it can affect how smooth the playstation store runs when i have multiple things going on on my ps4. just something to check out since you have no idea what it is

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@commandokock: Firstly I'd like to thank everybody for their help and feedback, it's greatly appreciated.

Commando, yes I am more concerned about the single player campaign (I have not tried the multiplayer yet). I was playing with some settings on my TV, even before you posted that, and I turned off the motion flow setting and it already seems to be better if not fixed. At the end of the day I reckon it's just the motion blur setting used in the game which makes it look like it's slowing down, Thanks again for your suggestion.

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Ok because you were scaring me. Thought the PS4 couldn't handle KZSF for a minute there. Yee Haa PS4!

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I only noticed it on the Vecktain city mission after the bomb went off, after that the game has been running smooth for me.