Killzone or assassins creed?

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Hello, I have a budget on what I can buy, I have already preorder my PS4 and Battlefield 4 (100% getting BF4) but I have a choice between Killzone Shadow Fall or Assassins creed black flag, can you please give me your best opinion, on the pros and cons of getting ether, which you think will last longer and some info about the two, thank you.

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I would prefer purchasing a PS4 exclusive, which in this case is Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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depends on your preference. I am not interested in AC so that is why i am looking to get killzone. The game looks beautiful.

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Killzone. It's not even close.

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I'd go with Killzone because it's exclusive and will probably have a healthy online multiplayer experience.

ACIV seems like a very long and exciting single player experience though. Personally, I'm getting both.

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Me personally would get the playstation exclusives first and then multiplats, thats what my plan is for next gen, i will own every exclusive sony game which is retail. then i'll buy multiplats afterwards.

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I pre-ordered both Killzone Shadow fall and Assassin's Creed 4 Blag Flag for my PS4. I have played all of these games in the series. So these are an easy choice.

So if you have played a game in these series. Choose the one you like more. Or if you are a really huge fan of FPS in general. Then go with Killzone. If you want variety in your games. go with Assassin's creed

That is what I did in addition to also getting CoD Ghosts, I also pre-ordered Knack a new platformer/Adventure game from Sony. So just pick which game series calls to you.

Out of these 2 games I'd go with Assassin's Creed 4 because I like pirates (I have both but if I had to find a reason to pick just one)

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Killzone and AC4 are my two launch titles. That said, if you're already getting an FPS, you may want to go with AC4 just to mix it up.

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Your already getting a shooter so I would say go for AC4 and than get Killzone sf down the road. Im getting all 3 day 1.

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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag is far more bang for your buck. The game is unbelievably huge and packed to the brim with meaningful content.

Edit: so now I've put many hours into AC4 and I must say that it's unbelievably incredible! The game is beyond ambitious and it pulls it off wonderfully. It is without a doubt the most in depth and satisfying open world game I have ever played. It puts games like RDR (which I very much enjoyed) to shame.

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AC4 its deeper and huge game

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Assassin's Creed in my opinion.

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For me I'd definitely go Killzone. I just can't get myself interested in Ass creed, it looks so "easy mode" it's ridiculous.

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I would get Killzone. Assassin's Creed once you beat it what you gonna do just roam around no fun after that. I've played all the Assassins Creed games and love playing them, but it's a game I would rather rent than pay $60 on.

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@stormtrooper224: Go with KZ, I'm playing AC 4 and it's not that impressive. KZ's MP will keep you entertained too.

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I have the same choice. I'm leaning more towards AC4 since I've been wanting an open world pirate game for a while and this seems to be what I've been waiting for. Though, the new KZ looks like a really good change for the series, I'm just hoping the story actually takes advantage of the universe rather than turning into unbearably annoying characters like in KZ2 and 3 (really fun games but awful characters and the story wasn't really there).

Really, both look like great games, just depends if you want action adventure or crazy FPS action.

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IF I we're u I would buy killzone.