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anyone out there know how or what you need to do to be able to be or use one of those aerial bots in the online version? maybe they are called something else, but i'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about? is it a certain rank you need? thanks for any help. paul_daddy on the psn.

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The air support that the tactician rank has is unlocked by getting the tactician ribbon eight times. The tactician ribbon is earned for each match that 5 people use your spawn point, so in other words you have to do at least 5 matches. Then you get air support or flying drones or whatever you wanna call them, by the way I recognize your name as I recently played an online match with you an hour or so ago :D

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cool. thanks for the advice.

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now i recognize your name. lol

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no problem, I remember you killed me in Radec academy that last game. I sent you a friend invite too