Just bought a PSP 3000, no WLAN switch?

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I just bought a PSP 3000 and tried to connect to wi-fi but it said my WLAN switch was off. I did research and it is supposed to be on the left hand side of the system but mine is not there. IS there something wrong with my PSP or do no 3000 come with WLAN switches?

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lol nevermind it is on the top, sorry to freak out.

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lol nevermind it is on the top, sorry to freak out.

:lol: Glad to see you figured it out. The 1000 had it on the left side, I'm not sure about where the 2000 had it. Anyways, congrats on the purchase!
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The 2000 had it on the top aswell.
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lol nevermind it is on the top, sorry to freak out.

that's okay... glad you found it!
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it's always on the left.
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Hi there, A new owner of PSP-3000, aren't you? Welcome to the neighborhood then...
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it's always on the left. coolkid93
No... not on the newer models.... lets make sure we don't post useless information... Anyway Congratulations on the purpose... I always do that on my friends 2000.
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so I just got a PSP 3000 myself for christmas, and I have no idea how to use it. It says I need a memory stick, which I went out and bought from EB games. My PSP didn't even recognize that one. Anyway, I used my brothers old one, which is from an older model (I don;t know if his is the 1000 or 2000), and the indicator is flashing but it still says I don't have a memory stick inserted. Anyway, I tried doing the scan for my internet source, but it said I had to turn my WLAN settings on. I asked the guy at Eb games how to do it, and he said that I had to go to Network Settings and that it would be on the right hand side. I went to network settings and there isn't anything there saying WLAN settings. Needless to say, I'm completely ignorant about my new PSP and I am in severe need of assistance. I would very much appreciate any help you guys can give me :)
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Also, if anyone can tell me how to connect my PSP to my Macbook Pro, that would be much appreciated as well.
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Nevermind, I feel like a complete idiot now, but I've figured out how to get my memory stick to work and how to turn on the WLAN. Thanks anyway :). However, if anyone knows how to connect the PSP to a macbook pro, I still need help with that. Thanks :)